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Twitter Web App : Honestly, maybe I'm too selfish to hope to see this change. I wasn't here when this all started, I probably won't be here when it ends. I really wouldn't want to come off as whiny in a self-absorbed way, and I worry about that a lot.

Twitter Web App : I just don't get it. Why would you add intentionally frustrating/obtuse/annoying parts to what is otherwise a perfectly fine and fun level? Is there really some joke that everyone else gets in this that I'm just missing? Is this really fun to everyone else, except me?

Twitter Web App : They're goddamn everywhere, and impossible to avoid. Its to the point where I've legitimately weighed how viable it would be to go through and just remove all of them from whatever hack/level I wanted to play.

Twitter Web App : That's been the main thing, besides sadistic level design practices, that has kept me from wanting to play more kaizo. The sadistic level design stuff, I get it, its not for me, I just don't need to play those hacks, but trolls?

Twitter Web App : Its like a switch in my brain that gets turned on whenever I have to deal with one. My enjoyment of whatever I'm doing just, goes away. I can go from loving a level I'm playing, to quiet and nearly at tears having to deal with them. I don't like that I am this way, but I am.

Twitter Web App : I wanna talk about Kaizo, the gameplay, not the community for a moment.

I really don't understand why I have so much hatred, and I use that word simply because of the emotional response that of which I have to these things, towards trolls and what not in kaizo.

iPhone : This is an extremely important thread that I unfortunately just noticed.

If you're experiencing feelings of transphobia, read this.

If you simply don't understand what the big fuss is about asking streamers to denounce transphobic people in the community, please read this.…

iPhone : Dode It seems to me that you either may not fully appreciate the daily abuse that trans (and other) people endure from every segment of society in 2020, through no fault of their own, or that you do not want to admit to it for fear of losing a segment of your audience.

Twitter Web App : Alright, I got that vent out of me. I wanna stream today.

Going live now! Continuing my first playthrough of Ocarina of Time now :)

Link to stream is in my bio ^-^

Twitter Web App : So of course many of us are done. Many of us are less than civil, quick to call out, fast to snap at someone asking questions. When every aspect of your existence is picked apart and scrutinized constantly, wouldn't you be as well?

Twitter Web App : Far too many people are willing to ignore the voices of many, many queer folks saying that a person is problematic, in favor of listening to that single person who was called out, simply because we haven't justified ourselves in the way they want.

Twitter Web App : I do my best to try to teach folks and inform folks about whats going on in the queer community, and it can be absolutely exhausting. I can't always reproduce every receipt I know exists, I sometimes stumble my words even. This doesn't mean that my opinions form on shakey ground.

Twitter Web App : There isn't any more debating we want to engage in at that point. We aren't incapable of making rational decisions on who is a problem in our communities. If we universally agree that someone(s) is a harasser/abuser/bigot/problematic, we've reached that point in a rational way.

Twitter Web App : If you aren't keyed in to all the going ons in our world, and we all have made a decision that someone is problematic and should be removed, you should trust us rather than demand we supply you with whatever evidence you want. We've already made our decision.

Twitter Web App : Not all of us will respond well to folks demanding what they consider "enough" evidence to decry members of our broader communities. Not all of us want to categorize and store receipts like a librarian. We just want to feel safe.

Twitter Web App : Not all of us have the energy to sit down and educate every single person, at their pace, on queer politics and what not.

Not all of us want to deal with the devil's advocate of having to justify our existence, rather than the other person having to justify why we shouldn't.

Twitter Web App : If your response to the queer community is that you are only willing to engage with folks that of which act by your definition of the word "civil", I don't feel you have our best interests in mind. We're tired of having to defend ourselves purely for existing. Please trust us.