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Android : GOP Melania Trump How about starting by returning all those caged immigrant kids you kidnapped from their real "forever families"? Bc until you do, you and that 'Be Best' bimbette in the WH can just take a freaking seat and stfu. Hypocrites.

Android : Donald J. Trump Sorry, Chunks, but this American presently living in the U.K. can say definitively that there are *no* big flareups here or in Europe because...wait for it...*everything shut down, ppl wear masks, & we've flattened the curve*. Not eveyone is as stupid as you are, you know.

Android : Julie Kay 🎢 Big Boss To me, a person with a different skin color to mine only opens the door to a new, expansive world of opportunities. So much to learn about their history, culture, language, food; but most important, I see them as a potential friend.Why would I deprive myself of a friend?πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ