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Bio 1st person in history to walk entire US-Mexico border. Subject of the movie La Frontera. Author, Farmer, Forester, Educator, Naturalist #Resist, #ImpeachTrump
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Twitter Web App : Political Poet Not sure, but probably in person at my tiny rural voting precinct where I should be able to get in and out quickly with a mask. Then I'll find a high bridge railing to set on, and await the returns. Who wins will determine whether I climb down or jump off.

Twitter Web App : Lynne Lyons Political Poet Your answer doesn't match the question. Political Poet is asking about the Pres. Election, for which no ballots have even been printed yet. Assuming your mailed in ballot was for a primary and/or special election. With that in mind, will you vote in person or by mail come Nov?

Twitter Web App : If you want a competition, I'll count how many times mine say, "Daddy, look at me!" and "Daddy, watch me!" (ages 2 & 4).…

Twitter Web App : At least Mussolini's end meets my approval. Too bad the world had to survive the earlier stages, and didn't just skip to Guilino Azzano.…

Twitter Web App : ˜”*°•.˜”*°• D •°*”˜.•°*”˜ Because we can't edit posts on Twitter, I seldom point out grammatical errors, unless I seek to ridicule. On Facebook, I frequently message friends/reporters about errors so they can make corrections. As an author myself, I appreciate friends who ID my mistakes for correction.

Twitter Web App : Cyrus McQueen Some of my poor neighbors in Alabama have no $$$ coming in, & rent, electricity, med. insurance are due. They either get to work and pay the bills or face eviction, loss of electricity, etc. For many working poor, infection w/ Covid 19 is less of a risk than staying home.