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Twitter Web App : Im Interview mit DER SPIEGEL erklärt Silja Häusermann basierend auf Forschungsergebnissen die momentane Krise der Sozialdemokratie und räumt mit gängigen Vorurteilen auf. Must-read fßr alle die an einer tatsächlich informierten Debatte interessiert sind

Twitter Web App : KLARSTELLUNG! Die jetzige Impfaktion richtet sich ausschließlich (!) an LehrerInnen, KindergartenpädagogInnen und HortpädagogInnen. Alle Schreiben, in denen behauptet wird, Hochschulpersonal wäre auch umfasst, sind ausnahmslos falsch.…
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Twitter Web App : Why have social democratic parties lost vote shares? Which programs resonate with their electorate?
3 short Policy Briefs with FES online, from the project “Transformation of the Left in Knowledge Societies” organized by H. Kitschelt and myself. Thread:

Twitter Web App : Marcus How Actually read that just after moving here, really enjoyed it. Meant I spent the first few months thinking, oh, this is where Hitler had coffee / went to the opera etc. Almost, but not quite the Vienna the tourist brochures want to sell...

Twitter Web App : Marcus How I actually found it surprisingly good. Lots of fun details and anecdotes, but enough political and cultural history to keep it interesting.

Twitter Web App : If this taking photos of weekend reading ever reaches me, I will have to decide whether to admit I actually read "The Reluctant Empress - a Biography of Empress Elisabeth of Austria".

Twitter Web App : Things are tough right now, so how about a treat?

Our latest book, “Electoral Shocks”, is now FREE for ANYONE to download, read, and keep! 🎁📖…

Twitter Web App : Laurenz Ennser-Jedenastik I think it has something to do with Austria also being an outlier on the "do SD parties lose working class voters to the radical right" question. Somewhat regular Austrian pattern: SD --> RR --> MR. I'm also surprised that AT is unusual in this regard.

Twitter Web App : To all Party Politics PhDs: The call is open for the 2021 ECPR Summer School at Aarhus Universitet. Great speakers, great research feedback, great grad. students, great networking! Apply!….