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iPhone : Today, the morally bankrupt and intellectually vapid The New York Times compared the United States to Nazi Germany.

You know, the Nazi Germany that systematically threw millions of Jews/Gays/PoC into ovens.

iPhone : Cory MJ I jumped into your mentions and peppered you with questions too, asshole. You answered zero of them. That’s fine. You don’t owe me a response. Remember, Twitter isn’t your glory days on the high school debate team.

iPhone : Cory MJ Libertarians can’t be patriotic? What’s the point of engaging in this social contract if you’re not proud of what that contract accomplishes and produces? You can only be a libertarian if you cater to authoritarian social justice mobs?

iPhone : Jack Right? I’ve seen Gorsuch, Roberts, RBG, and Thomas all take heat from fake ass Twitter legal experts in the last few weeks. I guarantee these people don’t actually read the opinions or understand judicial review/constitutional interpretation.

iPhone : christopher marc hubbard MJ What are you talking about? Does the constitution also specifically mention judicial review, national banks, flag burning, and segregation? No.

Are you seriously a JD? You should know what the arguments regardless of whether or not you agree with them. Cmon, man.

iPhone : christopher marc hubbard MJ You could argue that for nearly every Supreme Court decision we’ve ever had, you dipshit. Do you regurgitate this idiocy for Marbury, McCulloch, Brown, Obergefell, Texas v Johnson, etc, etc.? What about every modern 4th amendment case we’ve seen?

iPhone : So tired of seeing awful Supreme Court takes from people who legitimately believe these justices should be partisan hacks. twitter.com/ryantand/statu…

iPhone : El Shoe Substantial, lasting, positive, etc. Too much empty rhetoric and pointless behavior and not enough pragmatic policy discussion.

Tearing down statues, burning shit, abolishing the police < workable police reform, ending the war on drugs, building communities through education

iPhone : If the last month has taught us anything, it’s that Jordan B. Peterson was correct when he said that those who are incapable of ordering their own lives are entirely incapable of creating meaningful societal change.

iPhone : Orrrrr we could vote for legislators who will rescind qualified immunity for police officers and make it possible for prosecutors to do their job and jail murderous cops? twitter.com/clur19/status/…