I Can’t Breathe...Marsha de Cordova MP (@MarshadeCordova )

I Can’t Breathe...Marsha de Cordova MP

Bio Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary @uklabour Member of Parliament for Battersea Email: marsha.decordova.mp@parliament.uk Call: 0207 924 1973
Location Battersea, London
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Android : I wrote a few articles and produced a series of video interviews on Visions of Education in India. Combined, it is a call for an educational future that produces an empathetic and critical Indianness capable of remedying the terrifying ills of today... educationsouthasia.web.ox.ac.uk/home#nav

Twitter for iPad : #IStandWithNonSpeakers #Autism we will be bring you more on this campaing in due course please get in contact with us about your ideas of how we rethink the care sector so that it cares and ensures #OurNeuroRightsCount in the hands of the #NHS

Android : Trans women are women, trans men are men, and trans rights are human rights.

The whole labour movement should be clear about this.

Solidarity with the trans community 🌹

Twitter Web App : Stood in shop queue I noticed a young family upfront giving the cashier some items back, however a kind lady behind them paid for them & took them over to the family while they were packing 🥺❤️ its sights like this what restore my faith, that things will get better someday ❤️🤞

Displaced black British woman who is tired of black lifes not mattering. As a group we need to build generational wealth & knowledge for our children.

Android : 🤔 Question: Championship GOTM?
✅ Answer: Ben White vs Charlton
🗳️ Vote Now: bit.ly/3fuQ38I

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iPhone : “There are some things in our society and some things in our world to which I am proud to be maladjusted.”

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A group of students from Devon campaigning with Devon County Councillor Claire Wright to promote equality and antiracism in Devon

Twitter for iPad : Priti Patel Lady Priti good day to you fair Lady

My King and I sympathise with the issues you have, we know you are a decent person, thus a pragmatic re-review of these potential migrants may be in order, if they are willing to work and contribute to society, working for residency

Android : If our whole party had united behind Jeremy, Labour could have won in 2017 and saved tens of thousands of lives.

Our popular socialist policies inspired millions and won 40% of the vote.

The Forde Inquiry must deliver answers and justice. #LabourLeaks

Twitter Web App : Global mask sales are up 20,000% - but at a huge environmental cost.

📕 Read more: bit.ly/2Dty3OX

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iPhone : Lampard took Chelsea from 3rd to 4th with six points fewer than Sarri, lost 12 league matches, conceded as many goals as Brighton and failed to win a trophy.

Imagine how unbearable the hype would be if he had actually achieved something meaningful in his managerial career. twitter.com/premierleague/…