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iPhone : Grassley deems WH counsel’s rationale on Trump firing of IGs insufficient: “If the president has a good reason to remove an inspector general, just tell Congress what it is. Otherwise, the American people will be left speculating whether political or self interests are to blame.”

iPhone : Twitter is declining to comment on Trump’s accusation that the company is interfering with the 2020 election.…

iPhone : This tweet is false too — and should be labeled as such, like the earlier tweet about mail-in voting. (Because he says mail-in ballots “lead to massive corruption and fraud,” which is a debunked lie.)…

iPhone : Reminder: Only one person was targeted under FISA -- someone the campaign had fired. While there were egregious problems (the worst happening in 2017, not 2016), Page's Woods File was better than others examined by DOJ IG.…

iPhone : Umm...this may throw a wrench into things...

Also, 126 Republicans voted for it in March (including Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes who negotiated the deal!)……

iPhone : The reality is that Silicon Valley, as demonstrated today with Twitter and Facebook permitting Trump to smear a critic with a murder conspiracy theory, allows the President to get away with quite a bit.…

iPhone : Twitter confirms to me that today is the first time any Trump tweets have been labeled as misleading by the platform.

In these (two) cases, Twitter says, Trump’s tweets were flagged for potentially misleading information about voting processes” and are labeled for context.

iPhone : The same post that Twitter just labeled remains on Facebook with no warning, where it’s been shared more than 15k times. This underscores the challenge of different rules/policies at different social networks.

Twitter Web App : NYT: Unlike George W. Bush, who questioned assumptions underlying the analysis, or Barack Obama, who cited analysis from deep in his written briefing, Mr. Trump does not appear to read the document or to otherwise prepare beyond bringing in information ... from personal sources.

Twitter Web App : NYT spoke to 10 current and former officials for a story on Trumps intelligence briefings — perhaps the most important part of his job. Heres what they found. This would be an absolutely devastating exposé for any POTUS. With Trump, it barely registered.…

Twitter Web App : Consider this: The DOJ and Trump's lawyers told SCOTUS he should be fully immune from criminal and congressional investigations, one reason being that it would distract from his job. Yet, he finds plenty of time to surf the web and post murder conspiracies about Joe Scarborough.

Twitter Web App : "I think I was just scared," Amy Cooper tells CNN.

Because it is terrifying for a black man to ask you to follow the rules and keep your dog on a leash!…

Twitter Web App : McEnany: "It was John Brennan who sat before Congress and said the Steele dossier... played no part of the role in opening the Russia probe when in fact, we know it did."


IG report: "Steele’s reports played no role in the Crossfire Hurricane opening."

iPhone : Trump is (again) underscoring how broken social platforms' rules are. What good are policies against harassment if one can use the platform to smear someone with the allegation of actual murder and, by doing so, put the family of the dead in a state of immense emotional pain?

iPhone : A lot of heat on Twitter this morning for allowing Trump to push this heinous conspiracy theory about Scarborough, but also worth noting: Trump's tweets have also been cross-posted to Facebook as well.

Twitter Web App : Trump has repeatedly lied that illegal immigrants are voting en masse in CA. Now falsely saying CA is sending ballots to "anyone living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there." Sure doesn't seem like accidentally loose language.…