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Marys Jewellery Bakery

Bio Smol bean who makes jewellery.
Kawaii, harajuku, boho, goth.
Customs open.
Trading at @dokidokifest 2020.
IG: @marysjewellerybakery

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Android : OKAY SO I was going to wait until I hit 20k, but someone was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway of 5 PAIRS OF EARRINGS! I am going to be remaking 5 pairs from my last collection and I’ll let y’all decide which ones! Comment below and I’ll choose the most popular ones! Be specific!

Android : Erin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ YES, I remember this happening! After your order I got an email from your mom asking how to put the address in bc you live in Ireland, and I thought, "oh I already had an order from Ireland, I'll just look at that!" and it was yours πŸ˜‚

Android : (I ordered a bunch of these for myself in the end, but my mom must have seen this tweet because she also ordered me something! How sweet!)

Android : NEW ITEM UPDATE ❗️❗️
This is for one of my new molds I am super excited to release! *hint they are wallhangs*!
*photos are just me for attention* πŸ₯°

Android : lrt: Please remember that what people are paying for when it comes to your art is not just the time it takes. It's the skills you've honed and the efforts you are making a create a personalized product which did not exist prior to their commission. Up your commission prices.

Android : Nobody asked, but anyway, I've been feeling much better after simming for days with minimal work. Most of my tics are gone, I can sleep at night, and my anxiety is also down by a lot. (It got to the point where I had developed whole new tics bc the ones I had weren't enough)

Android : Hi, only one pair of these sparkly moons are left✨ !
What’s everyone up to this morning? I hope your all having a great day so far!πŸ–€