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Twitter Web App : IT IS TIME for more Twilight Princess: Real Life Mode. Come hang out!

Twitter Web App : Zelda tonight??? Twilight Princess?? 3-Hearts Hero Mode +Ganondorf amiibo???? LET'S DO IT. Starting 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific! See you guys then!

Android : JackitK Nononono omg don't be sorry I'm more taking jabs at how impractical fleets/stories are right now! I can't believe reactions and replies get routed to the DM inbox, I'm just laughing about the absurd surge of DMs

Android : Masae Anela Soooo made the jump to Clip Studio since the last stream, forgot to change settings so drawing this was roughhhhhh

Also been drawing literally everyday for 4+ hours to get better, I need lots of help but its been fun!

Android : Rattle I mean that's great but I use Twitter for networking and keeping an open connection with the community. So while closing DMs is an option I think the more practical solution is just don't use fleets lol

Android : Welp I gave the story/fleet thing a solid shot and it was a disaster.

Time to deleet fleet and forget that the function even exists.