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Android : When armed extremists in Michigan forced their way inside the Capitol earlier this month, Michigan State Police tried to block the door. But there was no tear gas, no stun grenades, no rubber bullets. No use of force was used on demonstrators. #georgefloyd

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Android : Never forget that Facebook is a terrible company that is currently one of the single most significant vectors for a variety of hateful bullshit and nonsense that is killing people and killing the planet. They're fucking garbage.…

Android : In a state with a history of failing to protect children, and in a region with a sexual assault rate more than six times the national average, parents of girls are asking the same question: How was this allowed to happen?

Android : An Elementary School Repeatedly Dismissed Allegations Against Its Principal. Then, an FBI Agent Pretended to Be a 13-Year-Old Girl.…

Android : US, Brazil, Russia are COVID-19 hot spots due to anti-science leaders - Business Insider…

Android : I wouldnt wish the way George Floyd was murdered on my worst enemy. That officer applied just enough pressure to keep him alive for almost six minutes in that chokehold. In all my years of fighting I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything close to that level of torture

Android : Mexico registers 501 deaths from coronavirus in one day, biggest jump yet | Article [AMP] | Reuters…


New Zealand has announced it no longer has any patients in hospital being treated for coronavirus.

It comes on the fifth straight day where no new cases have been reported.

This is what winning looks like.


Android : Sarah Cooper: I like the ability to sort of take off the emperor’s clothes, take away the podium and the people behind him nodding and the suit.. and just have the words there with my facial expressions so people can literally see he has no clue what he’s talking about

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Android : Still processing the fact that I said the president has no clue what he’s talking about on national television 😬…

Android : George Floyd should be alive today. The officers who killed him must be brought to justice. We should—we must, if we are to survive as a nation—change this familiar and gruesome reality. In the words of Fannie Lou Hamer, we’re “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Enough.…

Android : If u think ur sure that GOP operatives have never stolen an electronic election, then u haven't watched Atticus about Don Siegelman's (D) "loss" to Bob Riley (R) in 2002. I strongly encourage everyone to watch it now. It is free for Amazon Prime members.…