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Bio Deputy Editor and columnist at The Sunday Times Magazine. Author of Man Down, either ‘the most important book in a generation’ or ‘solution-free’
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iPhone : This week’s column - you’re all planning exotic holidays and wild parties. I’m wondering if I can still use an escalator.…

Twitter Web App : Prue Leith just lovely on BBC News talking about how she understands technology but it's still been the absolute bane of her life through lockdown. Cut to the slide operator having a mare during the press briefing.

iPhone : Witnessed an argument between a wildlife volunteer and a dad who was angry that he wasn’t allowed to feed a bag of peas to some birds by a lake today. He said they were Waitrose peas. The volunteer said they’d attract rats. I then saw four rats. Don’t feed the wildlife, people.

iPhone : ian ring Thanks man, I read that too. And a thing that said the opposite and a thing that said something completely different. 🤷‍♂️

iPhone : This week’s column, created by the insomnia creates by worrying about what to write about in this week’s column... 🤨…

Twitter Web App : "There is a silence, followed by some sucking noises. There are three of us in the car and two of us are getting off with each other" – five years ago, I spent a month as an Uber driver and it was not fun. The court decision today is absolutely brilliant.…

Twitter Web App : Please donate if you can: Seriously Injured Patterdale Mountain Rescue Volunteer campaign.…

iPhone : Sathnam Sanghera The only way I could get my kids to eat broccoli was to pretend the broccoli were tiny human tree people screaming as they were eaten. It got very graphic. “My legs, my legs” then, muffled, “my torso”. Then, muffled gasp, “my brain”. Will come up in their therapy later.