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Bio Aged Care Worker (So Rewarding)
Ex Media Publicist... Love Funny Things & Nice People.. Dog Lover - Movies - TV - Music.. If It Makes Me Smile I Like It.

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Android : Sky HISTORY What the serious hell is wrong with you. You couldn't seen all the ink on his face before filming started. The show is BRILLIANT the next big thing since Bake Off and now it's shelved. Fire the bloody Producers, just re-edit the show to best remove him and Air it. #FigureItOut

Android : I need this to happen. I have the script in my head. These two STUDS need to do a clip together as brothers sharing the same girlfriend, a 3 part story, its a best seller in the making. They could pass as real brothers anyway 😍 🔥💪🙏 #MakeItHappen Tyler Nixon 🍎 Robby Apples Inc 🍎

Android : Gday Bugsy.
Loved you this season on Below Deck 🤗 So correct me If Im wrong but did I notice you wear an Italian Charm Bracelet ? I have to ask if I was correct, what are the Charms you have ?

Ive had one for about 15+ years now. Love the old Cartoons 😏 💛

Bugsy Drake

Android : D I wanna add an alternative, Tight boxer briefs 😋

But for these 2, the Speedo every time, why waste any chance to show off that amazing bulge and beautiful tool inside.


Android : Hi Angela,
Wondering if you can help. Do you know the name of this guy please, as always the companies never use the Male Talents name and Id like to know who he is. Can you help a fellow Aussie. Love and hugs. Keep safe. 💛 Matt.


Android : Hi Priya. Finally got around to watching Eat Well For Less the other day down here in OZ and to our disappointment you're not in the new show, sorry if I've missed something already said on here but we MISS YOU 😭😭 Why are you not on, it's not the same without you. 💛
Priya Tew

Android : Eat Well For Less Gregg Wallace Chris Bavin What is it with this show and the BBC Can you just get your programming right for 1 damn season and just run a the episodes weekly ?? For the love of god what is the bloody issue. It's always gaps & breaks with this show. Sick of it. Get your act together #BBC or them WEEKLY 😠

Android : Hey Donald J. Trump What is your actual fucking problem with Trans People and the Gay Community ?

You don't have a fucking clue do you !

You're a total Embarrassment to the United States.

Get over this hatred you have. When you ARE Replaced as President the USA will be better