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Bio Science enthusiast, night owl.
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Twitter Web App : Nauliza juu ya curiosity, at first it was cute but venye na get reactions najiuliza...

is it that mlikawia kuniona niki perform live ama you must be new to us, majority of you haven't seen me live?

Android : If you were raised in a Christian household back in the 90s & early 2000s, youd recall these songs (Videos: Courtesy):

1. Munishi - Namlilia Malebo

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Android : Uhhhh I think I got the wrong link to the Rick and Morty leak

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Android : WOW! This RC model jet made a world record by achieving max speed of 466 mph (749 km/h).

It uses a Turbine Bohetic 180 Engine and kerosene as fuel. 🀯

#science #space

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