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Twitter Web App : Danny Gold There's an angle to this whereas Republicans like to imagine a foreign country that serves the role Israel does in popular imagination, except reframing the alleged bad things as being positive. In reality it's better as you said to just focus on material issues and policies.

Twitter Web App : Danny Gold I agree, it also has the danger of stigmatizing ordinary Israelis or American-Jews by spuriously associating them with every bad thing that happens in America. There's a right-wing version of this too with all the valences of this reversed.

Twitter Web App : “Four recent polls — including one released this week by Civis Analytics, a Democratic data firm — suggest that about 15 million to 26 million people in the United States have participated in demonstrations over the death of George Floyd and others in recent weeks.”…

Twitter Web App : At least the climate apocalypse will be a woke one…

Twitter Web App : Eyad Al-Hallaq, the 32 year old autistic Palestinian man who was murdered by Israeli police in Jerusalem a month ago, has still not got justice.

The toll his murder has taken on his parents is heartbreaking.

They still havent got justice.

Read this:…

Twitter Web App : This powerful image is made from the names of Uyghur writers, poets, and intellectuals who have disappeared into China's internment camps for Muslims. I know so many people on this list. I think of them every day.

Please RT. Spread the word in any way you can. #Uyghur…

Twitter Web App : Danny Gold trying to maintain my vow to go through the whole pandemic but if this is going to be a permanent condition of society I might have to shave it

Twitter Web App : ما باید خیلی مراقب باشیم که خانم مکسول سالم میمونه و سلامت روانش خوب بشه…