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iPhone : Also that a tiny fraction of journalists are experts in anything. Covering a topic consistently for the news even for many years does not make you an expert in that topic. More well informed than the public perhaps, but not an expert. twitter.com/yair_rosenberg…

iPhone : Brian C Re-read my tweets. Trying to lose & knowing you’re inevitably going to at one stage of the process as part of an overall strategy are two different things. It’s similar in a way to taking a safety when the points don’t matter but field position & time on the clock do.

iPhone : Z Liberty & Justice for All Exactly. Some people can’t get this idea. These are usually also the people who have lived with their spouse for 20 years but can’t tell you their spouse’s favorite color or food.🙄 They live in a world where nothing is predictable but only because they can’t predict anything.

iPhone : Spin Meter If (I say if cause I don’t read it) Q is using the phrase “Great Awakening” for the idea that regular Americans will come to realize they need to step up so communism, bureaucracy & totalitarianism don’t ruin our govt, that shouldn’t be controversial, that is history & reality./2

iPhone : Spin Meter If you mean War Room, I’ve now listened to that interview & he never says “The Great Awakening.” Bannon mentions “The Great Reset” but that’s a different thing. Lin was talking about constitutional principles & defending them/the republic & fighting communism. No issues there. /1