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Shane πŸ’ͺ🐻

Bio beaw in the streets burr in the sheets - 24, he/him, infp️🌈🐻 - !!!πŸ”ždont follow if youre under 18πŸ”ž!!!
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TweetDeck : Opening up 3 cel shade commission slots for next week. Starting at 120 USD each.

DM or e-mail with reference to claim.

TweetDeck : Cant get enough of my friend Shane πŸ’ͺ🐻 s werewolf daddy, Gunnar! Hes big, fuzzy af and has two shades of grey in his shaggy beard! Has 3 forms, but I personally dig this half-shifted form most. #nsfw

Follow him if u dont already! Hes a cool guy!…

Android : The English language is so crazy! I’m working on a list of words with silent K’s:

β€’ One Silent K β€” β€œKnot”
β€’ Two Silent K’s β€” β€œKnuckle
β€’ Three Silent K’s β€” β€œRepublican-Led Senate”
β€’ Four Silent K’s β€” β€œKnickknack”