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iPhone : jaze juicetallo™ Little aside, even their outfits throughout the series show the difference. Tubbo is constantly changing to go with the flow of what is happening, but Tommy really only changed when it was centered around him (L’Manburg). I could be wrong on this, I don’t watch all streams lol

iPhone : jaze Tommy, on the other hand, has remained pretty stagnant. While he has undergone some growth, he still pursues the same goals without regard to the changes that have happened in the gap time. He refuses to loo forward and I think that’ll cost him his best friend. (2/2)

iPhone : Jaze Juicetallo™ One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed between the two of them is their willingness to move on. Tubbo has always been extremely progressive and is always willing to look for a compromise to conflicts or some way to move past issues at hand. (1/2)

iPhone : Peanut THANK YOU! THANK YOU! His character arc is honestly so interesting and it’s fascinating to watch him pull the strings just as well as Dream does. He really is the antithesis of Dream and it perfectly illustrates their overarching battle storyline

iPhone : kii @ pogging through the pain What I find most interesting is, at this point, it seems like he’s not afraid to sacrifice his ‘pieces’. He said himself that there’s nothing he really holds close anymore so I’m intrigued to see how far he’ll go just to defeat Tommy.