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Android : To all respected concerns kindly promote the students instead of wasting their time we are just getting more and more lazy its the field in which we have to be active and strong and unfortunately you are taking these two qualities of us.
Javed Akram

Android : Enough is enough we dont even know what is our syllabus and what we are studying we are blank how can you believe that anyone will take these lectures seriously while lying in the bed.

Android : We just understand one thing in online classes and that is "if u dont get anything u can ask" is this a joke are we payomg for only this thing.

Android : Its been one month and HEC is doing nothing just sitting idle and giving shit notice we dont need this system like this the system should give favour to students not and the institutions who are sharks in the sea.

Android : It has been the history of medical they dont give us their rights when the need come they respect us which is fake this online is not going to make us a doctor but we can be business through this

Android : Online classes are just making us more lazy if it continues how we are to supposed to attend classes after all this online shit will end

iPhone : حضور ! یہ ہے وہ تبدیلی جسکا آپ نے وعدہ کیا تھا؟
اپنے کزن نوشیروان برکی اور دندان ساز آرڈیننس فیکٹری کو ہم پر مسلط کرنا تھا تو وہ پرانا پاکستان ہی اچھا تھا۔تہاڈی مہربانی
Imran Khan

iPhone : Imran Khan you must think what message u r giving us we heared your speeches and now we think that the only thing u an do sir we need our right u must consider it and the consequences.

iPhone : Inshallah . We can make this ordinance null and void by the power of unity.
Heinous action by the governmnet.
Imran Khan try to give us some comfort instead of oppressing the young doctors and medical students.
Keep a check on private medical colleges.