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Bio NHS policy and governance nerd, soon to be PhD student in it @OfficialUoM. Secretary @ManchesterWI. Coach @QBCPankhurst. Baker, gin drinker, brewtap frequenter.
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Android : ...from a selfish perspective I've spent today angry, upset and fed up. I am lucky I'm not an urgent patient but am mentally exhausted from planning and preparing and having it all scuppered for the third time, let alone to fact I'm now even further off answers and treatment

Android : Surgery I have been waiting 18 months for has been cancelled for the third time today πŸ˜₯ rationally I know how hard it is for my colleagues managing elective care and from personal experience how awful it is telling a patient they've been cancelled...

Android : I also think this has really challenged me to be kinder to those who do make mistakes and consider the full story. None of are are perfect, we are all learning - but it's easy to "call out" mistakes from behind a screen when the issue has already been pointed out to you

Android : This thread πŸ‘‡πŸ» for an example of how to acknowledge your privilege, take ownership of your mistakes, and broaden your perspectives to be a better ally. Thanks so much for your honesty and sharing your reflections Kate Jarman…

Android : So excited for round 2 of #QueenBeeRadicalTalks - some great speakers lined up for lunchtimes exploring feminism and women in leadership 🐝…

Twitter for iPad : Probably my favourite Queen Bee Coaching coaches’ CPD session yet, exploring fear, uncertainty and doubt with Sarah David. Love the advice that there will always be something presenting a barrier and to build our faith and skills in working round it

Twitter for iPad : @FlexNHS πŸ’™ Last job I left was on overwhelmingly negative terms and I did have a very open and candid discussion with the CEO about culture, why I had no choice but to leave - by that point I felt I had nothing to lose so said my piece but I seriously considered just sloping off quietly

Twitter for iPad : @FlexNHS πŸ’™ Two very different exps for me. Had productive exit interviews from roles I left on positive terms (left for career progression) - was able to share my thoughts on what could be done better, where org was going BUT I was on good terms with my manager so felt able to be candid

Twitter for iPad : The Runaway Brewery We need home delivery in our lives! Most breweries we’ve ordered from used APC and everything has arrived in one piece (inc. bottles) (P.S. Danny says any chance you’re bottling ESB any time soon because he’s having withdrawal symptoms)

Twitter for iPad : let us know what the WI means to you and what your highlights have been since joining the sisterhood πŸ™Œ

And ICYMI it's always a good time for us to reshare the time we made it into The Guardian πŸ˜‰ Happy WI Day!…

Twitter for iPad : Today is #WIDay πŸ’œπŸ’š marking 105 years of the Womens Institute! This year may have looked a bit different, but were still here & weve loved looking back on some best bits!

From our biggest ever meeting, to the womens march, all our amazing speakers & new virtual meetings...