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iPhone : #Query4Pres
“Mr Pres
The violence, anger & h8
U cre8
When good people u ber8
& America u desecr8
Makes ery1 irate
Constant distractions
U infl8
U realize it’s cuz of the mixed messages & rhetoric
U dict8?
Is it chance the unrest mainly in democrat states?”
🤨 twitter.com/clairecmc/stat…

iPhone : Sooooooo, if u can tweet your disdain 4 #KneelWithKap the POC on the left, calling him “sumbish”, but not tweet about #GeorgeFloyd the POC on the right nor disdain 4 his “sumbish” killer? U might be a racist...
That reminds me, u kno who said anything?

iPhone : #HumanCapitalStock
Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
America, y’all ready to get back in the chute? Time is money for the 1% & they’re getting impatient w/ us...
Mad Cow Disease is a hoax too, right?
Wait...🤔 twitter.com/atrupar/status…

iPhone : You know? That Barack Obama, he was an alright guy. : ) &, know what may be even better? He had ANOTHER guy that trained under him for 8 YEARS, so he’d be ready 4 action Jan ‘21. Do u kno him? U should. It’s this guy...👇🏽
Joe Biden
#StrongerTogether twitter.com/JoeBiden/statu… pic.twitter.com/qVHsKFVJme

iPhone : It was irony. Also satire. I was tweeting for the 590 or so followers I had, who know I’m disabled with employment issues. Many have known me for years and a few know me in RL. The 250 new followers I got from this tweet would disagree with you. I don’t write tweets for you. twitter.com/Lee_AnneWalker…

iPhone : #Query4Pres
“Mr Pres
I hear I see
U shook
Mr Obama
Cause u drama?
Face it
He’s a better man than u
On that fact
I kno u chew
u must be REALLY pissed
Losing 2 his VP ASSIST
‘Sleepy Joe’
Ain’t that how it go?
U mad bro?
U kno
In this election
U gonna get wrecked?” twitter.com/girlsreallyrul… pic.twitter.com/KNhxWYTrUK

iPhone : Normally, #Karen would quietly criticize a woman in niqab, w/ 0 thought 2 the woman’s feelings. & 4 SURE wouldn’t have stood in a protest w/ her. Why? Didn’t affect her directly. Now? Karen asked 2 cover her face & doesn’t like it.
Cuz NOW she affected.
& so go
#GOPHypocrisy yo🇺🇸