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Bio Researcher on men, masculinities, gender, and violence prevention. Educator & activist. Tweets my own. (But mute the noxious MRA commentary, like I do.)
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Twitter Web App : Do’s and don’ts for engaging men & boys: Handy 2-pager on what you should do, and not do, when engaging men & boys in promoting health and gender equity. DO recognize and meet men’s distinct needs. DON’T engage men at the expense of women. Etc.

Twitter Web App : All lives matter. Of course all lives matter. The point of the phrase is that black lives are being treated as expendable by the police and the government that employs them. If someone says Save the rainforest, you dont respond, Actually, save ALL forests, do you?

Twitter Web App : Well, I think all lives matter. We should care exactly equally at all times about everything. All houses matter. I agree, all houses do matter - but at the moment, the one on *fire* should get the attention. But by saying that a burning house needs... Cartoon by Kris Straub

iPhone : I never again want anyone to say theorizing doesn’t lead to change. Black feminist theory and intersectionality informed the creation of black lives matter. We’d never be this close to change without powerful black queer women organizing & theorizing.

Twitter Web App : Men and COVID-19: Adding a gender lens: Open access article, Global Public Health. Argues there are important gender determinants to both men’s and women’s vulnerabilities. Points to practices and tools from work with men on sexual and reproductive health. tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10…

Twitter Web App : Why do so few rapes result in a conviction? By Jennifer Knight, QC, UK. (The MeToo movement sparked a rise in reports to police, but convictions remain three times lower than for other crimes.) Al Jazeera English aje.io/dgb9s

Twitter Web App : Karfrevlajos Kate Long And, my feminism is not premised on 'telling men they're the problem'. The problem is the unfair privileges that many men have over women, the systemic disadvantages women suffer, and so on. And men have vital roles to play in helping to end those inequalities.

iPhone : What Does "Black Lives Matter" Actually Mean? — Why Saying "All Lives Matter" Is Problematic. By Rachel Elizabeth Cargle, Harpers Bazaar, 2019. harpersbazaar.com/culture/politi…

Twitter Web App : Kate Long Driving and Gender: Despite the stereotypes of women as worse drivers than men, men are involved in more accidents, get more traffic fines, & report more traffic violations than women, even after controlling for mileage