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Twitter Web App : Office people, the words 'process' and 'do' can be used instead of 'action'.

Seriously though, in the real world you would never say "can you action this for me please?" or "yes, this has been actioned". Stop it. It's not even a real bloody word for God's sake.

iPhone : She’s going to be fuming when she find out about the hostile environment and the ‘go home’ vans. twitter.com/bbcworldatone/…

iPhone : Witch facts: the records at Stowmarket show that (witchfinder general) Matthew Hopkins charged towns £3,800 for his services. The cost was so high that, in 1645, a special local tax rate had to be levied in Ipswich. He was also 25-28 when he died so he had a pretty busy life. twitter.com/jimmfelton/sta…

iPhone : Honestly Virgin Media is shockingly bad. Every day there’s an issue and today it’s just stopped working completely. Luckily, it’s not as if people need the internet when they’re working from home during a global pandemic.

iPhone : Many struggling families are (begrudgingly) issued with £15 a week worth of food vouchers. It is insulting to offer those that can already afford to eat out £10 off without addressing this issue first.

iPhone : In 50 years’ time, school kids will be reading Donald Trump’s tweets in class and thinking ‘is this real? how the hell did they let that happen?’