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Bio Yet another furry on the internet. Leave now.
Before its too late. ❤️ @RejaxWolf ❤️
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Twitter Web App : A Little Shit Hope you don't mind me asking.. what is that kind of shirt called? Trying to assemble a skimpy outfit for myself, but I don't know what that kind of short t-shirt is called specifically, so finding places that sell such items is proving to be difficult :\

Twitter Web App : Sometimes late at night when the shadows of branches on the ceiling scratch like claws and the darkest fears of your heart seem to lurk in the hallway outside your room, I lie awake and think to myself "okay but what if he really is just playing 4D chess"

Twitter Web App : Rejax🐺🎈 I am now imagining memorable music pieces in video games being replaced by Sea Shanty 2.
Gwyn's theme, Doopliss' theme, Amorbis' theme, E3M3, Pokey Means Business, Spaceport from TS3, MGS2's theme, My Innermost Apocalypse, The Way To Peace, Barrel volcano and more, all replaced.

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Twitter Web App : めっちゃヌルッと来たw

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Twitter Web App : It’s been a whole year so it’s raffle time again!!

Winner will receive a portrait icon like below!

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Ends on Sat 28th November 19:00 GMT

Android : i was playing around with my Capri-Sun and i blew into it to puff the lil' bag up but then it retaliated and blew the entire drink back up the straw and up my nose and i'm rreally FEELING that SUN right now