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iPhone : Jeon Mido has been included in Top 20 Korean Female Soloists - Total Digital Index Points on Gaon in 2020 being at #12 with only one song!

We’re so proud of you, our Midoring! 🥰

Midonation 💕

#JeonMido #전미도 #GAON…

iPhone : Jeon Mido and Jung Moonsung’s guesting at TaShow Episode 6 titled “Maybe a wise close relationship”

전미도 정문성 어쩌면 슬기로운 친한사이 |
🚗타쇼 6회


#JeonMido #전미도 #타쇼

iPhone : 제5회 #한국뮤지컬어워즈 D-3!
제1회, 2회 한국뮤지컬어워즈 주연상(여자)을 수상한
#전미도 배우의 축하 메세지가 도착했습니다. 😀

#한국뮤지컬어워즈 는 오는 1월 11일(월) 7시
#네이버공연 LIVE를 통해 생중계됩니다!📡

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iPhone : Jeon Mido, being the Best Actress on 1st and 2nd Korea Musical Awards, has given her congratulatory message for the upcoming 5th Korea Musical Awards.

It is set to be broadcasted live on January 11, 7pm at Naver.


#JeonMido #전미도

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Twitter Web App : Another year has come but still our project continues! ✨

Midonation! We’re so happy to tell you that we’re so close now with achieving our first target! 🤩

And Top Donor remains the same as last week who sent a total of 202 USD 😊

Thank you for your continuing support! ☺️

iPhone : 🌞HAPPY NEW YEAR 🌞

전미도 배우가 전하는 2021년 새해 소망은?
▶2021년 [모두가 행복했으면 ] 좋겠다.

📮비스터스 가족들의 더 많은 새해 소망이 궁금하다면?BISTUS NAVER POST 링크를 타고 보러오세용!

#비스터스 #BISTUS

iPhone : As the year ends, allow us for the nth time to express our gratitude to everyone who has and are still supporting our projects since day 1.

May we all have a fruitful and blessed year ahead of us, so we will be able to share in our own little way our blessings to others 🙇🏻‍♀️💛

iPhone : May this haven that has unexpectedly flourish this year be even fruitful in the years to come as we celebrate together our midoring’s success and of course our small wins, the ones we share and even the ones that we keep to ourselves.

Mask up and stay safe!


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iPhone : To everyone in this community, thank you for being with us on our rookie year in supporting this rookie actress who never ceases to amaze us with her talent, beauty, & grit. May 2021 bring more joy into our homes the same way Mido has made us smile this year.


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iPhone : 📌🧾20201225 Update

This week’s Top Donor is last week’s Top who sent in a total of 500AED or about 135USD! You’re still the closest one in getting Mido’s original sign 😊

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Midonation! ✨

Stay warm and safe always 🤗

iPhone : Happy Holidays to all of you and your loved ones! 💛

Stay warm and safe always! 🤗

Here’s cutie Mido for everyone of us 🥰

#JeonMido #전미도

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iPhone : 🎅Merry Christmas🎅

비스터스 배우들과 함께하는 크리스마스!

비스터스 가족들의 더 많은 모습이 보고 싶다면? BISTUS NAVER POST 링크를 타Go!

2020년 크리스마스는 가족과 함께 따뜻하고 안전한 연말 보내세요❤