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Bio U.S. Representative Mike Kelly proudly serves the people of Pennsylvanias 16th District (#PA16) and is a member of the House Ways & Means Committee. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Twitter Web App : The same people who have spent years peddling the Russia hoax and claiming Donald J. Trump is an illegitimate president are now telling us to just accept the unofficial election results that have shaken Americans' trust in our electoral system.…

Twitter Web App : As we wait patiently for the official results of the 2020 election, one thing is clear: millions of Americans have lost faith in our electoral system. That’s why I introduced the Protect Election Integrity Act of 2020.

Read about it here ➡️…

Twitter for iPad : Thank you to all military service members and their families who have sacrificed so much to defend freedom and preserve our way of life in America. You are our nation’s heroes. Happy Veterans Day.

iPhone : 🚨 Trust has been eroded in #Pennsylvania’s electoral system. Citizens of the Commonwealth deserve free & fair elections!

Letter to Gov. Wolf, Attorney General Shapiro, and Secretary of the Commonwealth Boockvar from me and my GOP Delegation Colleges. ⬇️…

Twitter Web App : ..and investigations into voting irregularities are ongoing. The winner of the election will be determined by the law, not media projections.

Twitter Web App : In our representative republic, it is not the media who declares the winner of elections. Right now, Donald J. Trump is engaged in several court cases to determine the integrity of the vote in multiple states. None of those states have officially certified their vote counts..

iPhone : Thank you western Pennsylvania! I am honored that you have chosen me to be your voice in our nation’s capital. Together, we will keep fighting for freedom, our values, a brighter economic future for our families, and a stronger, more prosperous America.

iPhone : Americans are the most resilient people on earth. They have risen up to rebuild an economy that was devastated by the pandemic. 33.1% 3rd quarter GDP growth proves Donald J. Trump’s economic policies are rapidly putting us back on a path to prosperity!

iPhone : Today Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed their policies are to "protect the conversation."

Translation: Big Tech wants to protect any conversations from happening that might hurt their Democrat friends.

RT if you see through their lies.

Twitter Web App : The Senate just confirmed now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court! She will be a champion for our God-given rights by interpreting the law and Constitution as written. Thank you President Trump for nominating such a qualified person to America's highest court. Also, go Irish!

iPhone : Democrats’ repeated promise to ban fracking and their radical “Green New Deal” would have devastating consequences for American families and workers.

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iPhone : HUGE win today for the United States and for peace in the world. Sudan has agreed to a peace and normalization agreement with Israel! With the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, that’s THREE Arab countries to have done so in only a matter of weeks. More will follow!

Twitter Web App : I guess Democrats just couldn't bring themselves to vote against such a qualified nominee! #ACB…

iPhone : .House Republicans is working to rebuild our economy, strengthen Main Street, and lift up American workers.

Meanwhile, Dems delay relief for Americans, embrace socialism, and excuse violent riots.

We wont give into their chaos. Together we will restore, rebuild and renew America 🇺🇸

iPhone : Speaker Pelosi has routinely put politics over people. Americans need targeted pandemic relief, but Democrats are holding it hostage so they can ram through their radical partisan agenda. Drop the games. Let’s get help to those who need it!…