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Twitter for iPad : Dan McTeague Well most stores are advertising the price of meat in price per pound what does that tell you l tough we were supposed to be using the metric system or is that just for the gas stations

Twitter for iPad : Oops: Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills: Companies are searching for ways to deal with the tens of thousands of blades that have reached the end of their lives. bloomberg.com/news/features/…

Twitter for iPad : 🗣Justin Trudeau ✔
To my Indigenous fans, I am one of you and thank you for your generous donations to the Liberal Party in 2020. My First Nation honorary name is Boiling Water, short for Coliform Escherichia E. Coli. I shit you not.

Twitter for iPad : What ever happened to the WE charity investigation?
Doesn’t take long for Canadians to forget, does it?

Twitter for iPad : I hope we never find life on another planet because if we do there's no doubt that Justin Trudeau will start sending them money!

Twitter for iPad : REVEALED: WE Charity received the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy thepostmillennial.com/we-charity-rec…

Twitter for iPad : Agreed. Let’s not overlook Trudeau’s two carbon taxes are also taxed with HST/GST.
By 2030, the tax on carbon taxes will likely remove $10-$15 billion from our collective disposable incomes and provide governments with a windfall while the nation collapses financially #cdnpoli twitter.com/hgslezak/statu…

Twitter for iPad : Japanese offshore windfarm closed due to uneconomic performance. japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/12/1…

Twitter for iPad : True North Has Piewu seen the two michaels with his own two eyes I doubt he has

Twitter for iPad : True North Maybe he should go see how the two michaels are being treated before he starts spouting off