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Proud gay guy, comic geek, science nerd, nature nut, politics junkie.
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Twitter Web App : Sounds startle me awake. My hand instinctively reaches for a weapon I haven't carried in years. Heart racing as adrenaline rushes, I listen. Rain on the AC unit. I know I am safe, then get up to check every door and window. Such is my life, but I'm not a loser.

Twitter Web App : These Proud Boy White Supremacists aren't too bright. The FBI classifies these vile idiots as extremists. This man is making domestic terror threats. Lock his ass up. twitter.com/davenewworld_2…

Twitter Web App : #xmentas - who are we to argue? twitter.com/LaserPants81/s…

Twitter Web App : Friends! Can we get some RT action going here? Thanks! #xmentas #xmentasbook twitter.com/AIPTcomics/sta…

Twitter Web App : Alaska GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan, when asked if Trump’s actions refusing to condemn white supremacy is hurting his re-election chances,

"stared at the reporter silently for about 8 seconds before a Senate subway door closed, and whisked him away.."

per Ted Barrett

Twitter Web App : A new study analyzing 38 million articles finds the β€˜single largest driver’ of false information about the pandemic is Donald Trump nytimes.com/2020/09/30/us/…

Twitter Web App : Trump flew to his golf club in Bedminster today for a fundraiser and his only other activity is an interview with Hannity at 9pm. He doesn’t even pretend to work anymore. Donald J. Trump

Twitter Web App : President Richard Nixon's former pastor, a lifelong Republican, to launch "Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden" on Friday cnn.it/2Sj2qeA

Twitter Web App : It shouldn’t take a national outcry for the public to know what happened in the case against Breonna Taylor’s killers.

The Kentucky AG shouldn’t be working to protect the police β€” or himself. He should release the recordings swiftly. aclu.org/news/criminal-…

Twitter Web App : It's hard to come to grips with a president who embodies the ugliness of the American story. White supremacy, economic injustice, and entitlement have always lived alongside this nation's most noble ideals. Perhaps the United States can now reckon with its demons.

Twitter Web App : - Ben Carson today claimed separation of church and state is not in the U.S. Constitution. It is not there, nowhere.
- Bizarrely, he went on to claim it was only referenced once in a SCOTUS case a few decades ago.

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Twitter Web App : YIKES. #RepublicansVirus test caused brain fluid leak in US patient: study rawstory.com/2020/10/19-tes…

Twitter Web App : As California Attorney General, I refused to stand in the doorway of the wedding chapel blocking couples from marrying the person they love.

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Twitter Web App : Let’s get this straight! The Senate Republicans will not condemn white supremacy! I don’t think we need to know anything else. #VoteThemOut twitter.com/brianschatz/st…