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Sprinklr Publishing : Whether it’s bubbling lava or a hissing Creeper: a keen sense of hearing can mean the difference between life or death. Just ask the upcoming Warden!

Learn all about the distinctive sound of Minecraft in the fourth episode of How We Make Minecraft:

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Sprinklr Publishing : Babbling, meandering, cascading: just a few of the many talents that the always-humble river biome brings to the Overworld! (They also make a mean paella, somehow.)

Learn all about this perfect backdrop to a cheesy motivational quote:

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Sprinklr Publishing : Hear ye, hear ye! Dinnerbone takes the stage with an uplifting speech on how we’re making Java Edition more convenient and secure, without changing the game you know and love. Oh, and then there’s one last cape-ability he has to share...

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Sprinklr Publishing : ICYMI on Minecraft Marketplace: ‘Zombie Cart: Pharaoh’s Revenge by Goe-Cart’. Don’t worry, the zombies don’t bite – just keep your hands inside the cart at all times!

Jump on board and take a ride; how far can you make it into the deep unknown?

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Twitter Web App : Looking for an even tougher challenge? Apocalypse Plus comes to Dungeons on Oct 26 and features 20 new threat levels! *insert terrified face here*

Learn more from the devs, and also get an in-depth look at Howling Peaks DLC – coming this December!

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Sprinklr Publishing : Grind up some bone meal and sharpen your scythe: the Builders & Biomes: Farmer’s Market expansion is now available wherever you get board games! (Exceedingly fashionable straw hat not included.)

Sprinklr Publishing : Spoooooky! From monstrous Marketplace content to pixel-perfect pumpkin stencils, and from printable mob masks to moonlit Minecraft Dungeons trials: here’s everything we’ve got lined up for our most spooktacular Halloween yet!

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Sprinklr Publishing : Filled with far too much water and who-knows-what-else, the pufferfish isn’t quite the tasty snack you may have been craving. It makes for a great potion, though!

Learn all about nature’s most justifiably grumpy birthday balloon:

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Sprinklr Publishing : In a mere two days, the Builders & Biomes board game gets its first-ever expansion: Farmer’s Market!

To celebrate, get yourself some proper agrarian aesthetics with these free in-game skins for both Java and Bedrock:

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Sprinklr Publishing : ICYMI on Minecraft Marketplace: Flowers by Shaliquinn’s Schematics. Take your flower power to the next level with this blossoming bouquet of beautiful skins. Whether rain or shine, summer or winter this floral fashion will brighten any day!

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Sprinklr Publishing : Hastily climbing to escape a volcano; building clues in a giant game of Pictionary, or being the last one standing in a colour-crazy world: it’s all about competition in October’s additions to Java Realms! Who are you pushing into lava this month?

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Sprinklr Publishing : Are you excited about the new mobs announced last week at #MinecraftLive? Oh wait… We were talking about the Warden – we meant terrified, not excited?!

Take a behind the scenes look at the people and processes that bring new mobs to Minecraft:

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Sprinklr Publishing : Smile! The fateful dropper will bestow upon you any item your heart desires – without ever dropping its cheerful disposition!

Learn all about the dispenser’s much-less-surprised twin:

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Sprinklr Publishing : Small dragons. Large dragons. The occasional forklift. Fulfill every single one of your life goals in one fell swoop with the Minecraft Marketplace content added to Realms Plus this month!

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Sprinklr Publishing : Honoured players, humble villagers and victorious Glow Squids, please take your seats and be silent as we present: The Ballet of the Nether.

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Sprinklr Publishing : ICYMI on Minecraft Marketplace: Ocean Wildlife Explorers by Everbloom Games. Can you help save the seas? Become an ocean researcher, learn about sea creatures and help clean up the oceans – but remember to keep an eye on your oxygen level!

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Sprinklr Publishing : As seen on Minecraft Live! In the next episode of Ask Mojang, Agnes, Brandon, Nir and their fellow devs will be answering your most burning questions about the update that rocked the world: Caves & Cliffs!

Comment using hashtag #AskMojang for a chance to be featured:

Twitter Web App : Were sure you must have a really good reason for missing #MinecraftLive – so dont worry, weve got your backs!

ICYMI – or if you just want to see it all again – watch #MinecraftLive on our YouTube Channel:

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Twitter Web App : Phew! What a crazy, busy day! Wait? Did anyone remember to write everything down – we made a lot of exciting promises!
Thankfully, our ever-attentive writers have been busy taking notes!

Read about every announcement from #MinecraftLive:

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Twitter Web App : And thats it everyone! Nothing left but to say goodbye and thank you all for being part of #MinecraftLive this year.

But one last thing! Tell us your favourite part of the show?

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