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Android : Evangelist People illegally encroaching all Hindu Religion place in TamilNadu , Andhra etc..

Abrahamic Religion Proving themselves Again.

Francis Xavier - Goa Inquisition
Now Again they Started .

#TamilNadu Save Ur Historical place from Greedy Religion .

#HindusLivesMatter twitter.com/ReclaimTemples…

Android : Churches can Run Education Institutions in #TamilNadu & India
For Religion Conversion πŸ‘ˆ

Why there is No Hindu Temple Education Institutions in TN ??🧐 .

#SchoolFeeHike by Missionary Schools in #TamilNadu ! why ?


Android : ANI Drama Starts ..

Priyanka Better Give Ur Assets to Poor People ..and Continue ur job in Tea Estate ..

No Power Means they will come to Farmer place to act ..

No vote for Congress ..πŸ‘ˆ

Android : Thanthi TV Stop Eating Non Veg ..❌

Abrahamic Religion Destroying Tamilan Culture & Tradition by Feeding Beef Mutton Chicken Biryani .

Tamilan Culture is Vegetarian β˜‘οΈ
Be Healthy πŸ”₯

Android : Non Veg Foods It's Not in #TamilNadu Culture & Tradition

Abrahamic Religion Destroying Tamilan Hindu Tradition & Culture.

#BanMutton #BanBeef in TN

Beef Rs 350 Mutton Rs 710 🧐

Stop Killing Pets Animals For 5 Mins Stomach .

#Vegetarian_TN πŸ”₯

Android : Education Institution Looting Indian People Money ..

Congress Made Article 30 for Missionary to do Religion Conversion with Institutions πŸ‘ˆ

Where is Hindu Temple Education Institutions in India ??

Repeal Article 30 πŸ‘ˆ
Free Hindu Temples πŸ‘ˆ twitter.com/ShashiTharoor/…

Android : ANI North East Sister Doing Drama ..

TN Schools Brother Doing Drama .

No Power Means Drama Will Starts


Kiruba kiruba Family πŸ˜‚