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Bio Retired Educator. Grandmother. Part time grenade launcher.
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iPhone : AUWU FatherBob Ensuring people have an income they can live on is important for everyone- we simply cannot have people living in poverty. Inequality brings so many issues to society and providing people with a liveable income is a far better outcome for recipients but for all people. #auspol

iPhone : Sam Julie Henderson The long term health implications are a huge issue that does not seem to be given the attention it should. Factor in the long term health problems from the summer bushfires which are an unknown and it’s quite a scary future for Aus. COVID-19 cannot be compared to a FLU!

iPhone : 💧Urban Wronski jean aldridge The most dangerous part of all of this is his followers who are following blindly. If Trump loses the election in November I don’t know if they will accept the loss. I wonder how the division Trump has created in US society will be healed-we are watching the US crash and burn!

iPhone : John Pavlovitz It’s quite sad that so many people believe Trump’s lies to their own demise. Will they ever wake up to the fact he’s a sociopathic narcissist and he cares only for himself? He’s making America the greatest disaster by refusing to acknowledge the severity of this global pandemic.