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Android : Using’s #technology, doctors can use #CollectiveLearning and #AI to optimize diagnoses, enabling patients to receive better #healthcare 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

Learn how:…
$FET #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #Blockchain

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Android : One year ago I participated in the THORChain ⚡️(ᚱ) IDO on James Spencer

This will be a rundown of my journey with Thorchain so far. Maybe it’ll offer a small impression on how the ThorChain-team pathed their way to success in light of the upcoming Chaosnet-launch.

Android : hey josh,

happy to help you understand thorchain better. you haven't missed the boat!

the most important thing to recognize is that activity is on $eth but purchasing power and swap volume is not

let me walk you through an example below of how i think about $rune value…

Android : (1/5)Thread about THORChain ⚡️(ᚱ) $RUNE.First lets compare Uni VS KNC. Kyber collected 50 mln$ in its ICO in 2017. Uniswap launched in the end of 2018 relying only on a 100k$ grant from Ethereum Foundation. And yet Uniswap constantly deals AT LEAST the same trade volume as Kyber

Android : 1/ The devs behind $RUNE are an anonymous team and the coin is shilled by pseudonymous Twitter accounts. Rather than buying bags for the sake of buying bags, I wanted to actually DMOR.

Here’s my counter-shill in an attempt to restore some balance in the world.

Android : Co-written by iExec, @Intel and IEEE: a paper on Confidential Computing or Off-chain trusted compute.

What is confidential or trusted computing? Why is it important in blockchain? What is iExec working on with Intel and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance? ⬇️… $RLC

Twitter Web App : Signing ceremony Azad Pattan Hydel power Project.Focus been on cheaper &greener power.No fuel import so no foreign exchange wasted.3000 jobs, $1.5 Bn investment-no loan. Annual income of Rs 1.38 Bn for Punjab/AJK from water use #cpec #CPECMakingProgress

Twitter Web App : 1/ The listing of $ORBYT (TRC21 token) on the TomoMango DEX, powered by #TomoX, is an important milestone within the $TOMO ecosystem because it brings together two separate businesses built on the TomoChain Blockchain…

Android : $TOMO is not only DeFi project but they are also working on #payments, #healthcare, #automotive, #food, #traceability. Damnn what you want more? 🤷🏻‍♂️😂🚀 They can do everything 😎🔥#BUIDL #TomoZ #TomoX #TomoP #Lending #Staking All In One Ecosystem😏 #DeFi $BTC $ETH $LINK $BAND $ENJ