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Twitter Web App : Jeff Bezos received a 245k loan from his parents in 1995 to help stop the early Amazon company from going under, this is the stuff we are talking about when we mention the 400 year head start

Twitter Web App : Retweeting for visibility.

To this person: I want to say that I'm very sorry this happened.

I can totally see why you would feel objectified and uncomfortable. That's not something I want you or any member of the community to feel.…

Twitter Web App : This clip speaks for itself on why I guess it’s fuck edp now

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Twitter Web App : Wtf is this,
Why he acting like it’s up to him if he can go to Smash tournies...
And of course Anti Nairo and Zero have a group chat...

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Twitter Web App : Beverly Pell, PhD Alice Keeler Right on the money! We don't breed critical thinkers anymore, just test takers. It's sad how intelligent kids are being wasted in memorizing this unnecessary and worthless art of deception, called closed book test when they could be out reimagining the world for the better. Shame

Twitter Web App : Sky Williams asking for $55k to treat his dad's fake cancer but instead using it for cosmetic penis surgery is probably the craziest part of this current Smash arc

Twitter Web App : Im seriously watching a pedophile-enabling motherfucker crying on stream with a head full of dandruff and twitch chat is spamming Cock Frog


Twitter Web App : GOOD LORD BRO

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Twitter Web App : Can't wait to see the Zer0 and Nairo runback, gonna give moves jailing into something a whole new meaning