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Android : On the first day of Oregon’s statewide mask order, a group of Oregon State troopers refused to wear face coverings inside a Corvallis coffee shop despite being asked to so.

β€œFβ€” [Gov.] Kate Brown,” one of the troopers reportedly said. There’s video, too.…

Android : There are also

a) no cameras in the prison, despite repeated requests by inmates' lawyers over the years

b) barely any lawyer access for inmates during mandatory two-week COVID quarantine (plus no showers)

c) Quebec corrections wouldn't comment today because it's a holiday...

Android : Some small businesses believe the UCP have lowered their taxes. They haven’t. The UCP cut the corporate income tax rate - paid by corps that bring in $500,000+ in profits. The NDP lowered small business tax rate by 1/3 when in govt. UCP? Nothing for small businesses. #ableg…

Android : This is like the Sesame Street one of these things is not like the others song, except in Canada its two of these things.

Android : Let's get to work on the Make Canada Better List so we will have more to celebrate on July 1, 2021. πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

1) Get people with disabilities out of poverty. This is an easy one to check off. Increase provincial assistance, worker's comp and CPP disability.