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Bio Opinions are mine alone. Currently a Principal Game Designer at Riot Games & Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics.


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Twitter Web App : I have no idea why...but this song has been stuck in my head ALL FREAKING DAY.…

Twitter Web App : Time to do some hard core testing and streaming. Gonna be doing a lot of games today, so come on by and tell me what needs buffs and nerfs!

iPhone : We got a little aggressive on the ladder reset animation. For clarity, the ranked reset on patch 10.12 will only drop your rank 1 tier (ex. Gold 1->Silver 1).

Twitter Web App : 🌌🚀TANAs back with everything you need to know about what’s new in TFT Galaxies: Return to the Stars!🚀🌌

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Twitter Web App : Another morning stream before work to test PBE. Come on by as we try to break the game!

Twitter Web App : With the final PBE build up, gotta test it pretty hard before it goes live, so let's stream before work! Feel free to come on by with the usual Q&A

iPhone : Tommy Zufelt Shrouds a general item good on any build. With just giant slayer you’re options are open to just play what you get and use the Giant slayer as a secondary

Twitter Web App : Made some additions to my portfolio today! Many Little Legends! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧…

Twitter Web App : New Galaxy merch collection on the Riot merch store, including new Galaxies Little Legends mugs, posters, and the return of some old favorites!…

Twitter Web App : Playtest went really well today for me :O...

3-Star Teemo at 5-5 with great items is PRETTY STRONG turns out :P

Twitter Web App : robinsongz Its a team of hard working people who are giving it their all to bring the best TFT we can possibly bring. We hope you enjoy :)