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Twitter Web App : ImSoFresh whalerfish Really depends on the format. Khroen forced it all 5 games in the Mortdog Finals, and got 5th.

Its certainly a comp that is strong when everything lines up. (And it should be.) But it's not undefeatable.

Twitter Web App : ImSoFresh whalerfish There are for sure other counters...

Please feel free to watch any of the various tournament results where Yi was played and did not perform well to see some of those options!

Twitter Web App : ImSoFresh whalerfish This is why I mentioned data AND results (tournaments from the last 2 weeks). We've seen games where it does well, and games where it gets countered. As it should be.

Twitter Web App : ImSoFresh whalerfish Respectfully gonna disagree. Yi (a 3-cost) with great items (3 bows) is great, and comparable to similar 3-costs with ideal items.

Nothing from the data or results side shows Yi1 and 2 as a problem.

Twitter Web App : whalerfish Yi2 is certainly not a win condition, and should be comparable to other 3-cost champs like Vayne/Syndra/Shaco...which he is! We're happy with Yi2.

Also using damage done isn't really a great metric of power :(

Twitter Web App : Teamfight Tactics Riot Mort Players have asked what counts as crowd control for the purpose of Statikk Shiv's bonus damage. The answer is "almost everything" - not just stuns, slows, fears and knockups, but also disarms and AS slows. But: mana lock doesn't count.

Twitter Web App : Ok NOW they should be up to date. Differences from the run down are:

Pulled the Shen3 & Illaoi3 buffs
Lucian3 and Morde3 buffs a little less
Mech Pilot 3/4/5 spell nerf
Yi3 Spell Damage nerf
Shroud/Ezreal/Mana reaver effect nerf


Twitter Web App : Alex moobeat This doesn't really impact TFT much. We'll still be doing 10.17 with a new galaxy (it's already ready) and was already planned to be a minor balance changes only kind of patch with competitive kicking up so...

Twitter Web App : Isaac CB This might get me in trouble, but I think it's both.

It's NOT a 40 hour 5 day job to be super successful. If you truly want to be S-tier you have to go above and beyond.

But you're also right that its not a full time insanity. That's how you burn out. Take time, have hobbies.

Twitter Web App : The weekend may be over, but the chaos from Riot Morts Top 4 Madness still lingers on in our hearts. 💜

If you missed any part of either #TFT broadcast, weve got VODs from BOTH days ready for your eyes below!

Top 32:


Twitter Web App : And so end's a long weekend of streaming, rundowns, casting, tournaments, and more. What a weekend. Still so much to do though.

As a highlight, this was easily my favorite moment from the streams this weekend. Enjoy Lucian 3 + HoJ = Challenger Tier plays…

Twitter Web App : Here we go! Finals! Time to see who can take away the money and honor of being the best! Good luck everyone.

Twitter Web App : If you missed it on stream, here is the Patch 10.16 Rundown. As always, subject to change until the official patch notes on Tuesday (and very likely at least one change) so be sure to check those out.…