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iPhone : Indifference in a time of pandemic:

30 million Americans have lost their jobs.

The highest rate of unemployment since the Great Depression.

Food lines stretching for miles.

Families struggling to pay rent.

Americans crying out for help.

But Kevin McCarthy doesn’t see the need.…

Twitter Web App : I talked to MinnPosts Gregg Aamot about Sahan Journal and our work of covering Minnesotas new Americans with more nuance and complexity and moving beyond the oversimplistic narratives and stereotypes that we often find in traditional news media.…

Twitter Web App : the complete lack of autocorrect... omg we love 1994

iPhone : With the racist fake news story about a Muslim Gyno out to get Sinhala women, there has been a sudden spike of interest among Lankan men on the dangers to womens sexual health.If some racist uncle/creepy aiya wants to warn you about the dangerous of muslim doctors, educate them.

Twitter Web App : I feel like I would be a great PR rep, solely because I know how to send an email in a uniform font size without weird line breaks.

Twitter Web App : Angela Davis and Ayanna Pressley join dozens more to mark Malcolm Xs 95th birthday

Twitter Web App : The Last Dance is a good documentary about hating your boss:…

Twitter Web App : CDC director wrote that the border closure “shall remain in effect until I determine that the danger of further introduction of COVID-19 into the United States has ceased to be a serious danger to the public health.” Itll be up for review every 30…

Twitter Web App : 10 years ago today this happened

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Twitter Web App : Australia is trying to encourage domestic travel once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.