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Bio Im Fritzi! I celebrate all things silent & 1910s-1920s. Trying my best to be amusing. #silentmovie #silentfilm

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Twitter Web App : What I think they meant was "I don't want any cultural or political context and don't tell me anything that makes me uncomfortable because I would rather employ magical thinking to convince myself that a KKK recruitment film isn't racist."

Twitter Web App : I still think of the time I was discussing the racism in BIRTH OF A NATION and someone replied with "Stick to silent movies."

Twitter Web App : Lots of beautiful black kitties in the shelter now. You too can have your very own laundry panther. They'll guard your towels!

Twitter Web App : Joshua Wilson Trade magazines would publish recommended cues and the movies would often come with a cue sheet. So it wasn't the music that was valuable so much as the visual signal to start playing it.

Twitter Web App : Mik Duffy frank baum Cultura In any case, Gibson is a horrendous human being noted for racist, mysoginist rants and thus is a marketing liability. Maguire suffered a severe back injury, which limited his ability to perform even non-action roles.

Julia Sawalha... Turned 50. Hardly apples to apples.

Twitter Web App : Joshua Wilson It was reasonably common. A kind of freebie to the accompanist 😃

Off the top of my head, ZAZA and OUR HOSPITALITY show scores, WHY CHANGE YOUR WIFE and MY BEST GIRL show records playing.

Twitter Web App : It's like going to a car race and deciding that you don't like VROOM VROOM noises; to each their own but you look kinda silly and you're annoying the fans.

Twitter Web App : I like to say that silent films are for everyone and that gatekeeping is wrong.

But I will also have to add that if 22fps is a dealbreaker for you, you probably need to find another type of movie to watch, mm-kay?

Twitter Web App : I have no time for tedious gimmicks and ham-fisted "improvements" thank you very much.

There are some beautiful, respectful restorations of films on the market. (Like the latest CALIGARI, which finally got rid of that translucent bar!) I'll be spending my time with them.

Twitter Web App : And, frankly, a lot of these "improvements" over the years have permanently damaged silent films. Like the infamous translucent line in some older releases of CALIGARI, which was caused due to changing aspect ratio in film.

Twitter Web App : Silent movies were quite often projected slower than 24fps and they have a distinctive look to them. It's not quite natural but it's what was seen and accepted by the audience. Acting like it's a flaw is so ignorant that I cannot begin to address it.