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Bio Im Fritzi! I celebrate all things silent & 1910s-1920s. Trying my best to be amusing. #silentmovie #silentfilm

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Twitter Web App : at the market bill Family bloggers and vloggers make me so uncomfortable. It's one thing to sometimes share cute pics and videos but making kids a profitable brand is a situation ripe for abuse of the worst kind.

Twitter Web App : 18. Movie with a pumpkin

Do we go Cinderella or Sleepy Hollow?

Ah, what the heck, THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN (1922).

Twitter Web App : 17. Movie you didn't expect to like but did

THE WISHING RING (1914) is an utter delight. Maurice Tourneur pictures tend to be gorgeous but tedious. This one is a delightful little rom-com with fantasy elements and it's as zippy as can be.

Twitter Web App : The movie is great but even if it wasn't, it's still worth seeing for the costumes. They are absolutely scrumptious.

Twitter Web App : Donna Hill Yes, my heart breaks for him. When I saw the duct tape incident, I lost it. Who does that to a toddler???? (And for sucking his thumb? Really? It's not unusual to see grade schoolers still sucking their thumbs, why pick on a baby?)

Twitter Web App : Oh, and beauty marks to go with the aforementioned lingerie. Bebe Daniels didn't come to play.

(The costumes were designed by Natacha Rambova, by the way.)

Twitter Web App : 🐐 Orange Julius Marxists Yeah, you do not talk about anyone like that if you view them as fully human.

I feel terrible for the little guy but at least he is out of their awful clutches. I hope he gets the love, care and stability he deserves.

Twitter Web App : Gloria Swanson takes a peek in Cecil B. DeMille's WHY CHANGE YOUR WIFE, a story of adultery, divorce and sexy lingerie.

Twitter Web App : Her using the language of animal adoption to explain what she did really tells you everything you need to know about this woman.…

Twitter Web App : Autistic children aren’t puppies. They don’t have “forever families.” They don’t get “rehomed.” They get abandoned.

Myka Stauffer abandoned this autistic child.…

Twitter Web App : Livetweeting another Finnish movie this Sunday!

This one is a silent romantic melodrama with a synchronized score. The title cards are Finnish/Swedish and the optional subs are available in English and German.…

Twitter Web App : Godard’s Girl Connor Groat The usual suspects: Racist, "This proves he's not racist, ignore the antisemitism and attacks on the NAACP," "This proves he's not racist, ignore the yellowface casting and fetishized murder of a teen," and The One With the Ice Floes.

Twitter Web App : Onesime makes his escape on a penny-farthing, which goes about as well as you would expect, in ONESIME, YOU'LL GET MARRIED OR ELSE.

Twitter Web App : Igor Ilyinsky fancies himself a great screenwriter in THE CIGARETTE GIRL OF MOSSELPROM.