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Bio Im Fritzi! I celebrate all things silent & 1910s-1920s. Trying my best to be amusing. #silentmovie #silentfilm

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Hootsuite Inc. : A look at John Wayne and Maureen OHara in John Ford’s RIO GRANDE (1950)…

Hootsuite Inc. : John Wayne recommended James Arness for the role of Matt Dillon on TVs Gunsmoke, Both Wayne and Arness were born today, May 26 (16 yrs apart, with Wayne being the elder)

Twitter Web App : Good morning! It is SCORSESE SHORTS Blu Ray Day. My ~43-minute talk with the great man is included as an extra. One favorite moment: I called ITALIANAMERICAN lovable and Scorsese responded, charmingly, Well, they were lovable, what can I say.…

Instagram : Dancer Annabelle Moore was famous almost for being famous, dancing her way into the spotlight when she was barely out of her teens. Annabelle Whitford was born in 1878 in Chicago; her father died when she was young……

Twitter Web App : THE THIN MAN opened in theaters on this day in 1934, forever raising the bar for relationship goals.

Android : 130 million Americans got checks. How much did it cost to mail these letters? And the header says The White House so was it even legal for the Treasury Department to foot the bill for this? #Inners

Twitter Web App : Lalcool coule à flot et la fièvre monte ce soir sur HENRI, avec ce film sublime de Louis Delluc, merveilleusement restauré par Les Docs et la Cinémathèque française, et mis en musique par Daniel Colin.
🎬… Le CNC

Bonne soirée 🤩

Tumblr : 📷 Harold and Mildred on location for NUMBER PLEASE? with the Venice Miniature Railroad.…

iPhone : Movies Silently - they’ve arrived Fritzi! Douglas is taking aim & I’m suiting up to go grocery shopping & give these beauties an inaugural run - the Smoot+Fairbanks household thanks you! Now I will look as fashionable in real life as my Twitter profile photo. Donna Hill -très chic!

iPhone : Does anybody know of any suspicious deaths that have occurred at Twitter - or in the general vacinity of Jack Dorsey? Maybe someone should encourage local and federal LEA to look into those?…

iPhone : * Wear a mask;

* Dont be a dick to those who do;

* Dont call the cops on POC simply because your parents
were racist and indoctrinated you;

* Dont choke your dog;

* #TakeTrumpOffTwitter

If you have to ask why on any of the above, take yourself off Twitter too.

iPhone : Remembering Carole Lombard, Hollywood’s First Casualty of World War II – Variety…

iPhone : Orry-Kelly’s gold leaf collar and lapels for Bette Davis for Kid Galahad (1937) anticipates the treasure in The Maltese Falcon (1941). Adore!

iPhone : those tweets go viral because everyone won’t stop quote tweeting them. they’re doing it to themselves, lol…

Twitter Web App : Based on dialogue references to the never-seen decorator in MR BLANDINGS wearing them, I suspect the sandals may be some kind of code.

iPhone : I know this is just empty cuckish virtue signaling or whatever, but I feel compelled to say that the president should stop acting like a goddamn moron on his Twitter feed and that this sort of behavior is bad for him, bad for the institution, and bad for the country.

Twitter Web App : It seemed a little odd at Jefferson Barracks this weekend, without the thousands of flags put out the Scouts. But the deer served as gentle guardians.

Twitter Web Client : Ichiro, you sweet bastard.

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Hootsuite Inc. : When screenwriter Jimmy Sangster was writing the screenplay for Horror of Dracula (1958), he admitted that he wasn’t thinking about it as a vehicle for Cushing and Christopher Lee. #BiancasMovieOfTheDay

iPhone : Me trying to play Monooply on my Nintendo Switch and watch the Gillian Anderson production of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE at the same time

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Twitter Web App : I later wrote my undergraduate dissertation on masculinity in Dracula and its cinematic adaptations. And, of course, I have my lil Gorey Dracula on my left arm.

I dig Dracula, is what Im saying.

iPhone : Mary’s Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall was the film she had hoped Ernst Lubitsch would direct when she brought him to America. Instead, they made Rosita & the following year Mickey Neilan directed Dorothy Vernon—released #onthisday in 1924. #OTD

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Twitter Web App : Will McKinley Totally! Im especially nonplussed when show business people say that. Im like, um...? Are you in the right line of work?

Twitter Web App : Part of the dance here, of course, is pretending that incidents like this are unfathomable riddles. Its prosecutor-cop language.

Of course, investigate away, do it thoroughly. But lets not overcomplicate whats in front of our eyes and ears. The cop killed him.

iPhone : Just seen the Gove/Ferrari clip again, them sniggering over how outrageous his I drive to test my eyesight too! claim is. And...children have died alone. Children have died, alone. Because people did what was good and right and lawful, children died alone. I cannot bear it

Android : Emotional blackmailers gotta do what they do to get their ways. This isnt a sad ending, its a malicious one. Call his bluff, Liz. #TCMParty

Android : The provincial trilogy of Nuri Bilge Ceylan.

Kasaba / The Small Town (1997)
Mayıs Sıkıntısı / Clouds of May (1999)
Uzak / Distant (2002)

Twitter Web App : ⚠️Whoops daisy alert ⚠️
Earlier I RT’d something about how pelicans and shoebills can cool off by pulling their spine through their mouth. This is FALSE. That’s just how they yawn. What looks like their spine coming out is just their gular pouch covering their neck. MY BAD

Twitter Web App : Peanut butter and crackers are like its fine, explore, forget were a snack because we know youll come back to us eventually. You always do. We know you. Were the only ones who know you. You know youre nothing without us. You insect. Fuck your house satan has you.

Hootsuite Inc. : Burger King debuts social-distance crowns in Germany as restaurants test quirky ways to keep customers apart.…

Twitter Web App : Some Brazilian news organisations will stop reporting from outside Pres Bolsonaros residence after attacks by his right-wing supporters. Reporters have been called rats, crooks, sons of bitches - and scum.

TweetDeck : #SwashbucklingCatsLaunch lovelies on here!

i implore you: please play the trivia game with Tyche Books bc apparently, all the FB players are making us look bad. you have to answer all Qs correctly to get in the draw for the prize
ill thread the Qs below...

Twitter Web App : Ready for some classic Americana? Join us @ 7:30PM **tonight** for our live screening of two Thomas Edison milestone short films + American icon Will Rogers in “The Ropin’ Fool”! (We hope this *very* young Will Rogers, circa 1900, catches your…eye. 😉 )…

Twitter Web App : Courtney Milan 🦖 Seems sound. Precious braincells that could be occupied watching Yuzuru videos. Some of the similarities are incredibly generic; I suppose you have to throw everything at the wall that might stick?

iPhone : “In the [Disney Gallery: #TheMandalorian cast] episode Jon Favreau mentioned how we did a rev giving [Weathers] alien makeup & prosthetics while still trying to retain some of his likeness... So glad they went with this one.” - Brian Matyas

Tweetbot for iΟS : The US military accused Russia of deploying a fighter jet to Libya in support of Russian mercenaries operating there