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iPhone : “41% of British people believe that GRT communities are a threat to Britain’s success & prosperity.” (Protection Approaches survey). In many British communities, that prejudice survives as ‘the last acceptable form of racism’ #RomaGenocideRemembranceDay

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iPhone : SAVE THE DATE: August 8th National demos in support of our NHS nurses left out of the NHS staff pay rises announced by the government!

Click the link below to see if there is a demo near you.…

iPhone : *Just for clarity, I am talking about our relationships & the discussions we have with each other as socialists, not some sort of liberal, blancmange “progressive alliance” type of politics where we bury our differences and pretend conflict doesn’t exist. (6/6)

iPhone : It also misses the vast majority of those we need to be talking to. To move beyond that, we have to start by listening to each other & finding common ground at the centre of arguments, discussing the key issues, rather than at the margins, clutching our own comfort blankets (5/6)

iPhone : The problem is, this isn’t where change happens. This isn’t where hearts and minds are won. It’s just a slug fest, politics as spectacle and entertainment. (4/6)

iPhone : One of the ways of doing this is to avoid proxy battles by picking at the extremes of any argument. This is easier in very practical terms, because battle lines are drawn, issues are black & white. These kinds of arguments don’t require a lot of thought or self-reflection. (3/6)

iPhone : Throughout the history of the labour movement, even the hardest, most battle-scarred socialists have done this, because they realise that changing our society requires more than just raising our banners & hoping for the best. (2/6)

iPhone : How to be a socialist (pt 2): As socialists, we have a duty to (a) try to understand the world & (b) try to explain the world to others. Unfortunately, the whirlwind of social media doesn’t help us do that, so sometimes we have to stop, slow down & look for common ground* (1/6)

iPhone : Olly Armstrong I don’t get that from it, Olly. This is what I said on my FB, in answer to those who were saying it’s tantamount to rolling over & accepting attacks. I think that’s de-contextualising Benn’s words...

iPhone : “When I was eight my father said to me: ‘Never wrestle with a chimney sweep.’ What he meant was: if somebody plays dirty with you, dont play dirty with them or youll get dirty too.” - Tony Benn

iPhone : Anugwom Goodluck, a frontline care worker, is facing deportation to Nigeria tomorrow, despite the fact that he has no family there. Today, I wrote to Home Secretary Priti Patel, asking her to revoke this unjust deportation order & guarantee his right to remain in this country.