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Android : The UWU stands in solidarity with all those at the Trade Union Education Unit at Blackburn College which faces closure. Now more than ever TU education is imperative to enable reps to undertake their duties in workplaces. Please consider signing the petition below.…

Android : Cummings must have some amount of dirt on this lot.

If you ever needed proof how grotesque this Government is:👇🏻…

iPhone : Im so fucking angry with Cummings. Im even more angry with Johnson for defending him. But Im raging at Keir Starmer for failing to call on Cummings to go. If anyone should be in the publics corner, and get our outrage and want justice on our behalf, it shld be him!

Android : The Prime Minister has treated the British people with contempt.

One rule for Dominic Cummings, another for everybody else.

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Twitter Web App : Eid Mubarak to Everyone

#Raya #FELIX #Lily #Zoom #Coronavirus #Turkey #EidMubarak #YouCantStopUs #Missouri #Ruth #nayeon #WeAreSorryDoja #Trudeau #Muslims #Israel #Exact #EidMubarak #Wagner

iPhone : It almost doesn’t matter what happens next, we’ve got 5 years of this. The whole of the Conservative benches are filled with horrific individuals. There’s no escape

Android : .Mary Kelly Foy says Boris Johnson should front the public and answer these questions today about whats happened, why Dominic Cummings thinks hes above the law so the nation can move on to the other issues surrounding the #coronavirus pandemic.


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Twitter Web App : mark Match of the Day Gary Lineker Hows that then? Have I conceded that he left for anything other than money? If Chelseas superior ambition was to finish behind United for Coles first three seasons at the club, how was that any different to Arsenal? Oh, yes. They paid him more money. Funny that.

Android : Wasn’t sure whether to tweet this. So painful I find it hard to hold back the tears. But on 7 May my mother died alone in a care home. This government is grotesque #dominiccummings

Twitter Web App : We all have families. But #Cummings family is obviously much more important than ours.