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Bio Dad and campaigner. Work with Survivors Against Terror to help families and survivors of terrorism get the rights they deserve. #MoreInCommon
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iPhone : Tim Montgomerie Saying you are making ‘antifa’ a terrorist organisation makes no sense and tars some of the best and bravest people who really are doing dangerous work protecting people from far right violence with a label that is totally insulting.

iPhone : Tim Montgomerie Totally agree. But there’s no such thing as ‘antifa’ as an organisation. There are dickheads who use the label to wear masks & beat people up and there are organisations who use the same label to take on and defeat racism and fascism.

iPhone : This is far from the best way of responding. It’s a legitimate public interest story wherever you stand on the underlying issue. Calling out two newspapers as ‘campaigning’ suggests others have no agenda which is patently untrue.…

iPhone : I guess the judgement depends on how ill they were and if they had other childcare options. Neither of which I know of course.

iPhone : Unpopular opinion of the day: I think if I had been seriously ill with corona (as opposed to the mild version I had) I would have done anything to make sure my kids were safe and being looked after. I get the anger at the hypocrisy but I also get the human judgement they made.

iPhone : This feels like gotcha politics. I’d rather we focus on why care homes were exposed and why testing has been slow.…

iPhone : The Great Get Together in memory of the late MP Jo Cox WILL go ahead virtually on June 19-21 and the community work has begun with a donation of plants intended for the Chelsea Flower Show #RHSChelsea Great Get Together MoreInCommonBatley&Spen Heckmondwike Primary

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iPhone : Imagine pitching this:
Journo: Starmer has £10m he’s hidden from us
Ed: wow, in an off shore account?
Journo: no, it’s land
Ed: like golf courses?
Journo: more agricultural
Ed: like an estate?
Journo: like a field
Ed: with planning permission?
Journo: with donkeys.
Ed: er…

iPhone : It’s essential staff are safe, and it’s essential kids (especially vulnerable ones) go back to school. Those two things are in tension so it’s hard as hell to get this right. Anyone saying it’s simple should be ignored.…

iPhone : Lockdown learning #765: Doing shopping for your friends and neighbours gives you a better insight into their lives than 10 years of friendship...