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Bio Graduate in English Linguistics. Middle School Curriculum Leader for English.
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iPhone : When you get stuck into some work and before you know it midnight has been and gone! Good job it’s Friday tomorrow 😴 #teacherlife #dadlife

iPhone : Siân Davidson I certainly do my best - certain genres of text I find easiest and obviously a bit of practice helps. It really helps to break the ice a bit I find with new classes

iPhone : A staff member at my school and their child were given the option of testing facilities 100 miles away and 73 miles away. There is one down the road from where they live. It’s a joke. Not a funny one, an incredibly dangerous one. I haven’t heard of anyone getting tests nearby…

iPhone : Mr G 🙋‍♂️ Hey Mr G, I’m Mr G too! 🙌 never done a #FFBWednesday 7th year English teacher and new to the role of English lead at a middle school. Passionate about language and linguistics. Would love to get any tips or advice from some experienced HoD as well as some laughs to keep us going

iPhone : Love how this applies to both how lockdown life felt and the ‘new normal’ feels...just another example of ENTER SHIKARI not just hitting the nail on the head but absolutely smashing it! #teacherlife #dadlife…

iPhone : I damn near tear up every time I hear Elegy For Extinction. It’s so grand and beautiful and dark and powerful.


iPhone : I found studying etymology so interesting at university - always something surprising, interesting or that just makes you laugh a little!…

iPhone : Clare Culshaw After the usual footballer dream I really wanted to get into athletics and middle to long distance running. Then I got a Saturday job at a bakers and wanted to do that and build up to owning my own bakery - when I watch Fantastic Beasts it still makes me think of it.

iPhone : Right DfE, it’s time to be proactive and cancel SATs this year. Don’t be reactive in a few months time when attendance is being battered and then announce they are off. Do it now! They are the least of anyone’s worries right now!