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Android : Finally the Cummings/missing hat mash up we've all been waiting for (NB SPOILER ALERT the bear gets revenge for the hat stealing I'm just saying)…

Android : Maybe we're the real hypocrites here. First, we're all 'What the hell are you doing out in public just because it's a bank holiday?' and now we're all like 'Be out in front of the public on a bank holiday!'. No wonder poor Boris is so confused he keeps answering the wrong Qs.

Android : Suella Braverman MP UK Prime Minister You are a repellent human being, which is one thing, and tbf is also my opinion, but you're also clearlt generating a serious conflict of interest with your position, which is another, and is not my opinion but a matter of law. Although maybe the law doesn't apply to you either.

Android : *peasant. But you knew I meant that. She has been quiet though. Maybe we can smoke her out by leaving a few first borns unattended when she's hungry

Android : Hope Pritti Patel is getting on with writing Cummings' apology. 'I'm sorry if you feel that it's not okay for me to do whatever I like, you pleasant schmucks.'

Android : Aw mate thank you. Been in a purple funk about this for too long and needed a little light. Maybe your best lockdown video yet, which is saying something. Max Johns think you need this too…

Android : Beth Rigby David Bumble Lloyd Tricky to know who to believe though. Because - ah, no, it's easy. In a thing which has been appalling from the start and is getting apallinger, lying about the police (I don't love the police but what the hell would they lie for here?) this is maybe the worst.