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Bio I can’t stand most people, and barely tolerate the rest. should have been born as a bear or perhaps a stubborn tree stump
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iPhone : Great Again - Official Music Video via YouTube

iPhone : StefaniS_S The New York Times Hmmm maybe to those people in the public eye, not the actual public. It’s these little snarky remarks, that sound so enlightened, that increasingly fill empty voids in the minds of the youth left by public education

iPhone : Rachel Maddow MSNBC You Mary’s do understand that when the case count goes up, the death rate goes down. 12,000 deaths from 7million cases way less than 1% mortality rate. Cmon people

iPhone : Senator Mazie Hirono Donald J. Trump I can’t afford healthcare NOW! Look forward to see what #POTUS does.
Heard he was releasing a plan shortly. It really couldn’t get much worse for me so whatever he does will be better.

iPhone : MaryK Myal Senator Mazie Hirono Donald J. Trump You’ll get new healthcare options after the ACA is gone. You will again have a choice and will be able to find treatment even if you can’t afford the ins. ACA has cost me, and millions of other Americans, thousands more in healthcare costs. ACA needs to go. Please vote for Trump