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Twitter Web App : #WandaVision
🎶🎤She's been a mutant all along🎶🎶

Twitter Web App : // #WandaVision spoilers!!!!
how everyone felt after the screen went black

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iPhone : It seems today
That on Disney
No violence in movies or sex on TV
But where are those good-old fashioned values
On which they used to rely
Disney+ has #FamilyGuy
Lucky there’s a show we
Thankfully can binge-watch
All the things that make us
laugh and cry
Disney+ has #FamilyGuy!

iPhone : Wait... does #FamilyGuy being on #DisneyPlus make Meg a #Disney princess??? 2021 is so fucking weird.

iPhone : What if we are all waiting for #MrFantastic or #Magneto to turn up in #WandaVision and we just get #Deadpool trolling us??

iPhone : Apparently you can’t call people who won’t take a vaccine stupid...
I’m quite happy sleeping on the sofa from this argument.

Twitter Web App : #WandaVision
🎼🎼🎤Who's been messing up everything?
Its been Aga....

Twitter Web App : Narendra S. M. I'm thinking that Mordo discovered the Multiverse but isn't powerful enough to use/control it. So he is using Agatha to mould Wanda into a powerful Nexus being. They/he are/is feeding off her power. Setting up DS2 Maddness.

iPhone : What if Doctor Strange doesn’t turn up?
What happens if Baron Mordo does instead???
‘Agatha is working for him all along’

iPhone : #WandaVision Kanda… Es-trada.. Montos… Ea-grets… Gat… Nos-feratos… Kanda… Amantos… Kanda

iPhone : “Superhero landing. She’s gonna do a superhero landing. Wait for it! Superhero landing! You know, that’s really hard on your knees. Totally impractical, they all do it.”