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Android : Café Chocolate marimacint Kerry Droll Those of us supporting Costco were NOT standing behind the baker refusing service to LGBTQ. Refusing service to someone for race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation is discrimination. Refusing service to assholes is not. You can not be an asshole.

Android : marimacint Café Chocolate Kerry Droll Nobody asked your opinion about wearing masks. Your opinion is "irrelevant". This is about a company's right to refuse to allow you onto their private property without a mask. You going to pretend you didn't make an ass of yourself with that reference to civil rights?

Android : Donald J. Trump If the whole "wearing a mask" issue is any indication, your supporters won't be listening to *anything* local officials say. IT'S A FREE COUNTRY AND BY GOD THEY WON'T BE SHEEP!! On the upside, it'll only be your supporters who drown. 🤷‍♀️

Android : ONLY iN LVNV ➐ I love how he tells Karen "here you put it on, I'll give you my card". These jackholes can't even stand behind their own "principles"! It would be priceless if someone records him coming back wearing a mask!! 😂