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iPhone : Have I mentioned I love my bootcamp? Coolest thing about the virtual program is it’s borderless! We have participants from 2 countries and 4 time zones and folx of all genders welcome! Next session starts March 16!l, let me know if you’re interested!

iPhone : It’s a little quiet today. Make shift exercises, and I carried a coworker/child piggyback around the warehouse. The way I trimmed the clip almost looks like CapTim America. are about to have a romantic interlude. I assure you, we did not.

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Twitter Web App : Warm weather means I once again start (unsuccessfully) looking for a vintage Vespa scooter to boot around town during the summer. ONE DAY. (Imagine a sidecar WITH DAPHNE IN IT)

Twitter Web App : Heather Hinam, Ph.D. There were 8 surrounding us, and a mother with her calf. They breached a few times, and 2 of the males started fighting for her attention. It was the coolest experience!

Twitter Web App : Heather Hinam, Ph.D. Happy Birthday! This isnt a photo I took, my kiddo took it (when she was 11!) I was, however sitting beside her in the little reinforced dinghy. I hope your day is wonderful! #WildlifeWednesday

Twitter Web App : Terri F I don't have time in the morning, I wish I did. I neeeeeed a good stretch

Twitter Web App : Bootcamp last night means my legs don't work properly this morning. Bambi on ice? That's me.

God, I love/hate this feeling. You TOO can feel this way🤣

iPhone : Stuart S Some of his books from 60+ years ago are inappropriate for today, so they’ve decided to pull 6 of his titles