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iPhone : Rest In Love my sweet boy. You’re MY angel now. My whole life with you has felt like a fairytale and I’ll see your smile every time I close my eyes. Thankyou for teaching my strength and love and everything in between. Til I see you in the next lifetime, darling. I love you.

iPhone : Would anybody like to order an all black Santa hat, I can make two more at the moment! Dm if interested 🖤 🎅🏼

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iPhone : Melinated Unicorn Hey🖤 I am Mya and I offer high quality handbags and Jewelry🥰This week we have our items if the week sale where special items are 40-50% off✨…

iPhone : Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Over so we are bringing our Items Of the Week Sale Back🥰

✨Our Sasha Bag is now 40% Off✨

iPhone : Okay so for bag of the week my main page chose black and my business page chose blue so I went with brown😭😂

iPhone : I hate being the first in my family to go to college cuz everybody expects so much. Whole time I know college really not for me😭

iPhone : Shit I be happy seeing strangers I don’t know post stuff…

iPhone : My psychology teacher said we could turn work in whenever and I haven’t turned in an assignment since week 4😭 Why would sis tell me tht🤦🏽‍♀️

iPhone : These the worst grades I’ve ever had in all my years of school😭

iPhone : My dad gone say he sick of seeing the house look like a amazon warehouse 😂 I have inventory, packing supplies and orders in every room of the house😭

iPhone : I’m praying December don’t go out with a bang😭 we’ve had enough from 2020

iPhone : My back be killing meeeee. Sitting in front of this computer everyday is no good