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iPhone : Don’t get sucked into the patterns of this world or the seductions of this culture.
Stay true to Jesus.
In words.
In deeds.
In actions.
In interactions.
On line.
Off line.
In your mind.
In your heart.
With your time.
With your talent.
With your treasure.

iPhone : There are so many things I love about formal study in this season of my life. I love being in a cohort with women who are younger & older than me. Women from different denominations, cultures & experiences. Women I never knew of that paid a price & paved the way for many.

iPhone : Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable--if there is any moral excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy--dwell on these things
(Philippians 4:8)

iPhone : May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace, and may the blood of the unjustly killed cry out to God. He is faithful to hear and fight our battles.

iPhone : It’s so windy and rainy tonight and I love it. I’m grateful for the weather. Grateful fo life and grateful for peace. It is well with my soul.

iPhone : 😷 ₆₂₆ Agent of Chaos I agree. Also requires knowing and understanding that only Jesus can satisfy certain desires and needs and fill certain voids in you, so that you don’t go expecting them from your partner, & being frustrated when they can’t meet an expectation that’s unrealistic in the 1st place.

iPhone : There was some much-needed Girl Talk at the Woman, Thou Art Loosed Virtual Experience!

Join Serita Jakes, Pastor Cora Brionne Jakes Coleman😘, and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts for a fun-filled time of empowering conversation.

Watch #GirlTalk from #WTAL2020 at YouTube.com/TDJakesOfficial

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iPhone : Honestly my only take is that men are interesting, and it’s interesting seeing how they think. Second take is that this is not a problem I ever see myself or my man having by God’s Grace. Lastly the perfect guy and woman don’t exist, so don’t justify your isolation w/ criticism.

iPhone : Very interesting conversation. When Smuv said “a whole little” I laughed and paused to share. Will share my thoughts when I’m done with the episode. || I Was Tricked Into Monogamy! | Krew Season youtu.be/Ujohqh8JsQY via YouTube

iPhone : Ready for your breakthrough to happen? Breach through all you’ve struggled with and chase your breakthrough!

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iPhone : As you examine the intricacies of your heart, what stubborn residue do you need to remove?

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