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iPhone : The misogyny in the comments jumped OUT! Why is the first thing you say idc instead of acknowledging y’all males are in the wrong and need to do better? Dassit! That’s all you had to do. But instead... 🥴…

iPhone : 🗣 I 👏🏽 DON’T 👏🏽 HEAR 👏🏽 WOO 👏🏽MEN 👏🏽 E 👏🏽 NOUGH 👏🏽…

iPhone :…

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iPhone : Me: *Taking pictures*
Lady: *walks in* “excuse m- WOW you look so beautiful like a barbie! May I?”
Me: Aww thank you so much! Of course!

How it started.. How it ended😂💕

iPhone : Let’s open this discussion then... because y’all shol do call us girls or females. I don’t hear women enough and that’s a problem!…