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Sprinklr : 🚀 10.9 million names from around the WORLD are on their way to Mars right now aboard our NASAs Perseverance Mars Rover rover.

If you didn’t secure your seat on this flight, don’t worry! You can grab your ticket for the next mission, here:


Twitter Web App : A NASA small satellite mission designed to study how small particles collide and aggregate in microgravity is scheduled to launch today on Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne as part of NASA’s Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) program:…

Twitter Web App : #DYK: NASAs ELaNa missions provide a deployment opportunity for CubeSat projects developed by students, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and NASA Centers. Learn more ➡️

Twitter Web App : "Now we've got to go figure out what made it make that decision, make some adjustments, and fix it."

For more information about the Green Run test series, visit:

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : The test article that is behind us is also the flight hardware that will launch Orion to the Moon. This is unique. [...] This article made the right decision to shut itself down. - Administrator Jim Bridenstine on todays NASA_SLS core stage test.

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : .NASA_SLS program manager John Honeycutt provides a summary of todays rocket core stage test at Stennis Space Center:

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : I want people to be encouraged because the future is very bright, and certainly were going to learn a lot from this test. - Administrator Jim Bridenstine reflects on todays hot fire of the NASA_SLS rocket core stage.

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Twitter Media Studio : LIVE NOW: An update on today's NASA_SLS engine hot fire test:……

Twitter Web App : UPDATE: The post-test briefing is now targeted for approximately 8:00pm ET.…

Twitter Web App : Todays NASA_SLS core stage engine test ended about one minute into the expected eight-minute hot fire. Teams will assess the data from the engine shutdown to determine the next steps.

Tune in to NASA TV for a post-test update at approx. 7:30pm ET:

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : Watch all four NASA_SLS core stage engines roar to life and shake the ground in Mississippi.

Teams are assessing the data on early engine shutdown.

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : An update on todays NASA_SLS rocket core stage test: Teams at Stennis Space Center are still in a hold right now, and are doing preps before moving into a T-10 minute countdown to the hot fire.

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : Teams are in a hold right now and are still within the two-hour window for todays NASA_SLS engine hot fire. We are working toward an updated test time. Heres what a hold means and what teams are learning. ⬇️

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Twitter Web App : Manuel Tomcat Hey Manuel! So happy to have you tuning in with us! 🚀