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Sprinklr : One week ahead of schedule & exceeding all expectations, our NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is ready to stow its samples collected from asteroid Bennu!

Read more about the latest mission developments #ToBennuAndBack:

Sprinklr : As the #SpaceStation20th anniversary approaches, the crew aboard our orbiting laboratory, including Kate Rubins of NASA Astronauts will answer questions live from space on Friday, Oct. 30 at 11:10am ET. How to watch:

Twitter Web App : Do you play Kerbal Space Program? Celebrate the #SpaceStation20th anniversary and reply to the thread below with videos of your recreations. One of our Intl. Space Station experts may review it during a @Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' on Nov. 2! 💫…

Sprinklr : 💦🌚 Water molecules were found in Clavius Crater, one of the largest craters visible from Earth on the Moon! This discovery from our SOFIAtelescope indicates that water may be distributed across the surface, & not limited to cold, shadowed places. More:

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Twitter Web App : NEWS: We confirmed water on the sunlit surface of the Moon for the 1st time using SOFIAtelescope. We don’t know yet if we can use it as a resource, but learning about water on the Moon is key for our #Artemis exploration plans. Join the media telecon at

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Sprinklr : 🌙 LIVE: Join us as we unveil the newest discovery about the sunlit surface of our Moon from the world’s largest flying observatory, @SOFIATelescope! What we learn on & around the Moon will help us take the next giant leap – sending astronauts to Mars:

Sprinklr : ✨ Happy Monday, skygazers! We’re heading into the week with some fascinating news from SOFIAtelescope about our brilliant beautiful Moon!

☕ Grab your favorite hot beverage & tune in beginning at 12:00pm ET:

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Sprinklr : 🌊 A pair of galaxies resemble a waterfall in this Hubble image. Interacting galaxies influence each other, which may eventually result in a merger or unique formation. Here, stars from one galaxy appear to fall into the other like drops of water:

Sprinklr : What do Albert Einstein, GPS, & a pair of stars 200,000 trillion miles away have in common?

An effect called the gravitational redshift” from Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Using @ChandraXray, astronomers discovered the phenomenon in two stars:

Sprinklr : 🏙️ A test stand 35 stories tall.
🚀 Four RS-25 engines.
📊 Over 500 sensors and systems.

Our NASA_SLS rocket is being prepared for the last two core stage tests in the "Green Run" series at Stennis Space Center:

Twitter Web App : It’s #SunDay — with a special guest, the Moon! Our satellite’s view of the Sun was briefly interrupted by a lunar transit on Oct. 16. At peak, the Moon covered about 44% of the Sun.

Sprinklr : 🌔 As we are preparing for the full engine firing test for the #Artemis I mission, we’ve been asking you — yes, you! — to tell us what you would pack for the Moon.

📸 For inspiration, heres what our own imagery experts would put in their #NASAMoonKit:

Sprinklr : Our orbiting laboratory circles the Earth every 91 minutes and 12 seconds. Can your workout beat one Intl. Space Station orbit? 🚴‍♀️

Tag your #SweatinWithTheStation photos to commemorate 20 years of continuous human presence in space:

Twitter Web App : We are readying for #LaunchAmerica! The lead NASAFltDirector) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Flight Directors for NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission schools us on planning for this flight and future ones to the Intl. Space Station on this weeks Houston We Have a Podcast.

Sprinklr : This week...

🛰️ Our NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecrafts historic TAG of asteroid Bennu
👨‍🚀 Chris Cassidy safely returns home from the Intl. Space Station
🌊 Preparing to launch the ocean-observing satellite Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich


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Sprinklr : 13 years + 42 assembly flights = 1 fully constructed Intl. Space Station that 241 space travelers from 19 countries have called home.

Learn more about the teamwork it takes to construct an orbiting laboratory and maintain it today:

Sprinklr : Good news: on Oct. 20, our NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecraft captured more than enough material from asteroid Bennu to meet mission requirements! The team is now focused on stowing the sample for return to Earth in 2023: #ToBennuAndBack

Sprinklr : LIVE: Tune in for a mission update from Thomas Zurbuchen of #NASAScience & NASAs OSIRIS-REx principal investigator Dante Lauretta. On Oct. 20, our spacecraft journeyed #ToBennuAndBack to collect a sample. Learn what they've found and the mission's next steps: